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Tradition Meets Innovation: Rovagnati Becomes a Pure Air Zone

Rovagnati, a world leader in Italian cured meats, has always put quality, people and the environment at the centre of everything they do. Becoming a Pure Air Zone is an exciting step in their Responsible Quality programme, pairing traditional values with innovative technology and taking care of their employee and customer wellbeing. Gabriele Rusconi, Rovagnati’s Managing Director & Board Member since 2016, tells us all about it.

Rovagnati is a well-known brand and many people know what the company is all about; but would you like to tell us more about the company's philosophy and values?

From the 1950s to today, Rovagnati has written the history of quality Italian cured meats.

Ours is a family business that still makes the vision of founder Paolo Rovagnati the guiding star for its future. A set of shared values – commitment, foresight, collaboration, loyalty, courage and simplicity – inspire our behaviour and guide the development of the business internationally. The legacy of our history is constantly translated into the search for new paths. Every day we put into practice Paolo Rovagnati's idea that “quality is the answer to every question”.

Sustainability and ESG are very broad concepts: what does “sustainability” mean for Rovagnati in 2022?

Thinking about the future has always been part of our DNA. This is why in 2016 Rovagnati launched its Corporate Social Responsibility programme "Rovagnati Responsible Quality" identifying a long-term vision based on three main values: Good, Healthy and Fair.

Our idea of sustainability is based on the substantial promise to produce good and tasty cured meats in respect of the Italian tradition, selecting the best ingredients and using innovative technologies to ensure high quality standards. Alongside these core actions, we promote sustainability of the environment, animal welfare and resources.

Following these principles, we have strengthened a programme over the years that involves our people, farmers, customers, consumers and the communities around us.

How important is it for a company to be able to breathe clean air?

Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is one of the priorities we pursue together with our Human Resources, as part of a broader programme to support people. A simple and concrete gesture that demonstrates a concern for their well-being. The hours we spend in the company are not just that portion of our lives dedicated to work: they are a space in which, by all possible means, we try to build a sense of community and belonging. That is why the air we breathe is important, in every sense.

What does it mean for Rovagnati to be a Pure Air Zone and how is this helping you to achieve your goals?

This partnership with U-Earth is one of the most innovative that we have built within the Rovagnati Responsible Quality programme, in the project areas dedicated to people and the environment. The measurement of clean air, which we can now carry out and monitor through apps and U-Earth devices, is an opportunity to put ourselves to the test by reaching increasingly better objectives; to date, after eight months of activity in the Biassono offices, we record a Pure Air Index of 70.3K.

Being part of the community of clean air bubbles makes us feel active in this larger scale decontamination project. It also confirms the company's philosophy that generating a positive impact requires everyone's contribution.

Does your business want to offer clean air to its people? Learn more about becoming a Pure Air Zone, or discover how clean air can be a competitive advantage in our whitepaper.



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