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U-Earth is your professional air quality specialist.

The air that you breathe has
a unique and invisible problem.
You may not be aware of it. Your body is.

We can detect and

 solve real issues.

Most technologies on the market claim that they are destroying

99.9% of all sorts of contaminants and have the lab testing validations to prove it. 

But most of these tests are not used in the professional world.

The result is poor performance.


Across numerous industries, at locations including surgery rooms, waste treatment plants and whole building installations, if you are unable to show performance in the field, you are unable to be used.



Capture every contaminant in the air around you.



icone purify.png

Mimic nature by digesting the pollutants.



icone detect.png

Keep track of the air quality in real-time.



icone be loved.png

Become accredited for your efforts.

The Science.

The size of the particles

is the problem.

How Particles Work.

Extensive research on particle motion has discovered that 92% of pollutants and pathogens in the air are less than 0-5 microns in size - too small to respond to gravity or ventilation.


Those particles are only affected by the Earth's electrostatic field; they repel one another and stay suspended in the air indefinitely, eventually sticking to surfaces, clothing, or screens when attracted by static electricity.


Neither ventilation nor gravity will ever be the primary attraction force.

Particle settling time by size
compare technologies


Attracting all particles no matter the size or type.

The smaller
the better.

U-earth molecular charge attraction
Up to 3x more effective than other methods.
compare technologies with U-earth.jpeg

U-Earth Technology for Air Purification.






U-Earth has harnessed a unique biophysical principle to be able to attract all harmful particles which would never respond to gravity or ventilation. From the largest to the smallest including gases, mold spores, superfine particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 





Once the contaminants have been attracted inside the air purifier, it’s time for the ‘magic’ to happen. The U-Ox within the system showcases its amazing efficiency as natural bio-oxidation occurs. The contaminants and compounds are digested and transformed into water, carbon dioxide (as a result of cellular respiration) and if present, base elements.

Example of H2S digestion:

H2S + O2  =   H2O  +  CO2  +  S

Captured Compound



Carbon Dioxide

Trace Elements

#2 destroy

We only trust
our Biobank.

U-Ox consists of a carefully selected population of safe bacteria from natural sources. Certified non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified. Bespoke blends for different needs.

#3 Monitor


Real-time IoT

Air Quality


U-Monitor is U-Earth’s proprietary air quality monitoring system. A powerful tool to detect contamination behavior and environmental history. It can be used to draw baseline data before installation, in order to maximise the efficiency of your air purification system and ensure that the right model is being used to bring pure air to your location. 

iMac Screen

U-Earth is with you every step of the way, ensuring that your air purifier is always performing to the best of its capabilities. Our Air Quality Specialists are able to monitor your environment in real time and analyze the machine's performance over its lifetime. 

Every 5 minutes, Sensor-X detects:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) (ppm)

  • Odorous Gases (ppm)

  • CO2 Equivalent (ppm)

  • Particulate Matter PM > 1.0 (pcs/l)

  • Particulate Matter PM > 2.5 (pcs/l)

  • Temperature (°C)

  • Humidity (%RH)

Did you know

what you were

breathing ?

Now that you do, you can make smart decisions regarding your future. Managing your air quality generates health and cost benefits, better building certificates and peace of mind.

#4 index
pure air index.png
New Dashboard.png
New Dashboard.png





U-Earth's mission is to generate a global impact. In order to measure how much pollution each Pure Air Zone is destroying compared to others, we have selected 3 parameters to measure and created a Pure Air Index to deliver the results.

#1: Maximum Potential Destruction of VOCs (kg)

We placed our air purifiers in a typography printing plant that processes tonnes of solvents. Using these findings, we were able to calculate the maximum destruction rate of VOCs for each model before reaching saturation.

#2: Number of Equivalent Oak Trees Utilised.

As part of our Life Cycle Assessment calculation, we converted the maximum potential destruction of VOCs from our air purifiers into the equivalent pollution removal capacity of medium-sized oak trees. 

#3: Number of Equivalent Cars Off the Street

Using the same model, we are then able to calculate how many typical car exhaust emissions have been mitigated by our air purifiers.

AIRcel performance.png

Book time with an

Air Quality Specialist today

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We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your location while enabling your company to improve its ESG score and qualify for Sustainable Building Certifications. 

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