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A Suite of

Pure Air Zone is a mix of cutting-edge solutions to a complex problem: personal protection from air pollutants. Derived from 15 years of research, development, and validation.


Creating a new breathing standard.

If it were as easy as installing a home air purifier in your working environment, you would have already solved the problem in healthcare, urban and professional settings as well. 


Public and professional air quality management is, instead, a much more complex matter. There is no easy way out; the solution must be engineered based on site-specific requirements, the number of people, activity, occupation density, occupation time, HVAC conditions, outdoor air, seasonality and much more.

One product is not enough. This is why we developed a suite of cutting-edge IoT technologies connected to the Cloud so that you can be protected 24/7 while monitored in real-time. 


When the light is green, the air is clean.

Our approach at U-Earth® is to minimise complexity. We have 12 years of experience in validating the Pure Air Zone® standard by purifying the air of companies, manufacturing sites and healthcare buildings. The outcome is a scalable procedure to efficiently implement the Pure Air Zone® plug-and-play system. We manage all the complex project calculations, for you to keep track of just one indicator.  A green light.

SensorX green light U-Earth
AIRcel 70 Biotech Air Purifier


Digesting pollution as a forest in a box

Mainstream Air Purification technologies rely on attracting pollutants by ventilation or charging particles to try to control their behaviour. AIRcel is different. It is not an air purifier; it is an advanced bio scrubber able to attract pollutants by electrical molecular charge and naturally digest them using bio-oxidation. No filters, no waste. Just like nature would do, but in a concentrated, portable way.


Our range of air purification bioreactors are backed by 15 years of R&D and Validation, used by the best companies in the world. 


The power of light

The recent pandemic highlighted the need in some specific places for more intense action on aerosols to effectively curb cross-contamination. U-Lamp is equipped with a patented technology which effectively screens the most powerful technology for direct irradiation pathogen destruction, UVC lights, to become safe on the skin.

For crowded, high-risk spaces, U-Lamp is a great addition to the Pure Air Zone suite of products to destroy aerosols without harming humans.

U-Lamp U-Earth Pure Air Zone
Pure Air Zone air Quality dashboard


Science based real time validation.

How do you know if it's working?

Imagine a global air quality control tower that keeps track of levels of air pollution in real time in all the Pure Air Zones in the world. Imagine each Pure Air Zone® having access to its own data and getting notified when the air quality goes off track in case there might be an external emergency or security concern.

If you have an air quality problem, we want you to acknowledge it in real-time to be able to take action immediately. 

Pure Air Zone APP screenshots

Protection enabled.


Once qualified as a Pure Air Zone®, you belong to a community. Your location will get featured on the Pure Air Zone app, which is a new tool for people to learn about, vote and enjoy clean air locations. The PAZ App displays in real-time the outdoor air quality in your location, suggesting the appropriate behaviour for optimal protection while also showing the air quality average in a Pure Air Zone. And much, much more.

Would you choose to go to a place where you know the air is clean if you had a choice?

U-mask Cloud


Biotech personal protection with style

Personal protection has become part of your risk management tools. U-Mask is a patented biotech reusable mask extremely comfortable and sustainable. During the pandemic U-Mask has been chosen by the best companies in the world and by sports teams such as F1 teams, moto GP teams, Football teams and some military. Saving space and logistic efforts U-Mask is the personal protection solution for the companies of the future.

Choose between two models, Medical Device or FFP2 (the European version of N95-N99)


Hyper Health, the ultimate company welfare

Your team is your most precious asset. Breathing clean air will increase their productivity, their general health and safety. At U-Earth we studied with a pool of experts in nutrition, genetics and epigenetics how to develop cutting edge biotech products to t counteract the effects that air pollutants have on both mental and phisical health. The 5 steps Hyper Health is the result of 4 years of studies for great Corporate Executive support.

But also for you. Become a member of the U-family now.

Hyper Health suite U-Earth Store
laptop esgverse


Hosted on an
immersive future world.

If you can imagine it, you can also do it. This is why we created a 3D experience called ESGverse (Environmental, Social, Governance Metaverse) to feature all our Pure Air Heroes so our #greenfluencers can browse through the content and learn about what companies are doing in sustainability to generate less air pollution, in an easy and engaging way.


Featuring a twin pure air world where the future is already happening.

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