U-Earth devices are more than an air purifier unit.

They are a technology revolution.

This is why part of our reports are Scientific Validations

and our performance tests and case studies

are real case scenarios.

Recent Scientific Publications


Air pollution treatment in modern segregated waste treatment facilities. 


Florence 23rd November 2014; Published into Conference Proceedings ​

Indoor air quality in waste treatment: environmental issue and biotechnology application for air pollution containment, a case study.


(ALESSANDRA BONOLI, SARA ZANNI); Published on WSEAS Transaction on Sustainability and Development

Abatement and bio-digestion of airborne contamination in precision mechanics: the case study of Beretta firearms.


(Sara Zanni, Alessandra Bonoli, Maurizio Luca Mancini); Presented to IWWATV (Industrial Waste and Wastewater Treatment&Valorization), Athens 21st-23rd May 2015

Bioremediation of radioactivity in contaminated environment media


(Sara Zanni, Alessandra Bonoli); Presented and Published in the Book of Abstract of ICEEM’08 (9th-12th September 2015)


Performance tests.

VOC, PM, and Bacteria reduction in Saronno ( Italy)  hospital visiting ward.


Validation run with third party testing and the overview of ASL Varese, Arpa Lombardia, Microbiology lab of Saronno Hospital.

VOC, PM, Formaldehyde and Bacteria reduction in Dialysis clinic in Lisbon ( Portugal).

One year validation run with third party testing from Lisbon University in collaboration with  Fresenius Medical Care.

Deodorisation of a waste treatment plant creating nuisance odors pervading Lake Garda


Outdoor and indoor validation run with third party testing from Arpa Lombardia ( Italian regional Environment Protection Agency.

Test for NO2 and traffic-related pollution decrease in indoor corporate offices.


Third-party testing by CNR (Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche)

AIRcel Bioreactor application in the medical field, hygienic risk study.


Third-party testing by Synlab and the Deutsche  Beratungszentrum für Hygiene (BZH GmbH) got the mandate from Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) to do an assessment of the hygienic risks of the AIRcel Bioreactor when using in the medical field.


Background science third party publications.

Minimizing Pathogenic Bacteria, including Spores, in Indoor Air


(Linda J.Utrup, Ph.D., Kenneth Werner, Allan H.Frey, Ph.D.); Journal of Environmental Health, December 2003

This study shows that aerosolized bacteria respond like particulate to the primary electric forces that control small particulates in indoor air for 92% of the total amount which does not respond to gravity and ventilation, therefore, escaping HEPA filtration.

How IEQ affects health, productivity 


(William J.Fisk, P.E., Member ASHRAE); Published on ASHRAE Journal, May 2002


This study shows how better Indoor Environmental Quality results in improved health,  increased productivity and the associated economic benefit.

Magnetite pollution nanoparticles in the human brain 


(Barbara A. Mahera, Imad A. M. Ahmed, Vassil Karloukovskia, Donald A. MacLarenc, Penelope G. Fouldsd, David Allsopd, David M. A. Manne, Ricardo Torres-Jardónf, and Lilian Calderon-Garciduenasg) July 215,2016.

This study shows how abundant presence in the human brain of nanoparticles which are prolific in urban Particulate Matter suggests they can enter the brain through the olfactory nerve and might be linked to neurodegenerative diseases. 


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