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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is central to slowing climate change and U-Earth has created a simple and effective way to take action. Our powerful plug-and-play air purifier utilises the latest in biotechnology to digest air pollution and enhance the environment around you. When combined with our suite of air cleaning products, pure air becomes a reality.

We do one thing and we do it to an exceptional level. Small change. Big difference.

A suite of cutting-edge professional-grade products.

Change the world by destroying air pollution. 

1. Commercial
   Air Purifiers

AIRcel commercial air purifier range

U-Earth created a wide range of bioreactors in a variety of different sizes to ensure commercial air purification in any setting. Suitable for use across sectors including healthcare, corporate and industrial - to name just a few - Pure Air Zones can be created anywhere.


Whether inside a school or set within an outdoor park, each commercial air purifier is tailored to suit your needs. Our Air Quality Specialists look at a multitude of factors including radius, footfall and aesthetic to create a customised plan depending on your specific requirements. 

276 oak trees

1250 oak trees

6000 oak trees

2. U-Ox

Every U-Earth air purifier is designed to work with U-Ox, a specific blend of biotech bacteria and enzymes that need to be added to the machine every 30 days. Derived from 30 years of study and 8 years of field validation, U-Ox is the key element to the technology.

Certified safe for use in healthcare, the exact solution is a trade secret but we can share that all U-Ox is non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified.


Peace of mind for users and for the planet.

U-ox bottle_edited.jpg

3. U-Alert

U-Alert is an easy-to-use rapid specific antigen test kit. By testing water from a U-Earth bioreactor, it can inform in less than 15 minutes whether or not SARS-CoV-2 particles have been present within an environment, quickly allowing the possibility of preventing further contagion.

A powerful, non-invasive and efficient protocol that ensures businesses are able to continuously monitor air quality and keep working safely and efficiently, allowing them to finally be in control of their future throughout the pandemic.

4. U-Monitor

The U-Monitor brings cutting edge technology to your fingertips. Able to keep track of every element in the surrounding environment, the U-Monitor provides measurable data in real-time, allowing a unique insight into the world around you.


Connecting to U-Manager, a cloud-based application that quickly delivers information on the contaminants in your environment and how to increase air purification performance, the U-Monitor comes in a number of different versions.

Depending on your model, the U-Monitor includes up to 10 air quality sensors and is able to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odorous gases, CO2, CO and NO2, as well as PM1, PM2.5, temperature and humidity.


Air Quality Detector.

iMac Screen
U-manager U-earth
U-manager iPad.png

U-Manager Air Quality

Cloud Dashboard

U-Mask Layers.png

5. U-Mask

Following the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, U-Earth invested in developing a solution to aid in the #WarToCovid. The result was the U-Mask Model 2 - a unique composition of form and function. Combining a stylish outer layer with a five-layer filter that includes an anti-proliferative BioLayer coated with a natural active principle (patent pending), U-Mask Model 2 is able to self-sanitise, has a shelf life of 3 years and is suitable for up to 200 hours of use without internal bacterial proliferation. Since initial release, U-Mask has been enhanced to version 2.2 with a nose clip and anti-counterfeit seal.

Available to purchase directly online in a range of colours, the U-Mask Model 2.2 is shipped worldwide.  

Part of the profit from sales will be used to donate air purifiers to hospitals throughout the COVID-19 crisis, preventing cross-contamination and creating Pure Air Zones within healthcare.


Learn more at the link below.

6. Pure  Air Zone App 

Pure Air Zone App is a community app that offers a concrete tool for companies, organisations and people to truly make an impact on the global air purification effort.


It allows users to:


  • Check into nearby Pure Air Zones

  • Check the outdoor air quality 

  • Suggest places they think should offer pure air to their visitors 

  • Learn eco habits, wellness tips and good sustainability news 

  • Connect with a community of game changers and invite their network to join the air pollution revolution

  • Take part in guided meditations

  • Enjoy pure air on the go by scanning their face to find the right U-Mask 

  • Earn points and spend them at participating stores or enter competitions

The app also gives new and existing Pure Air Zones the chance to promote their company via a dedicated page on the app, with the opportunity to position themselves as a sustainable brand, meet ESG goals, improve brand reputation and boost awareness.


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