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Reducing Greenhouse Emissions is closely linked to reducing Climate Change. U-earth has found a very easy and effective way to digest air pollution with a plug-and-play extremely powerful biotech air purifier and a related suite of air cleaning management products. We do one thing and we do it really well. 

Get rid of the dirty air around you.

A suite of cutting edge professional-grade products.

To change the world by destroying air pollution. 

1. Air Purifiers

U-earth created a wide range of Bio-reactors for professional air purification in every possible setting, ranging between indoor to outdoor use and suitable for Medical, Corporate, Industrial and Urban applications just to name a few.

Each size has a different performance and a radius of action. Our air quality specialists are at your service for a customized positioning project based on your specific performance and aesthetic needs.

276 oak trees

1250 oak trees

6000 oak trees

2. Additives

Every U-earth Air Purifier is designed to work with a specific blend of biotech additives that need to be added every 30 days. This is the key element of the technology derived from 30 years of studies and 8 years of fine-tuning on field validation.

All of U-Earth additives are certified completely safe even for hospital use, NON-pathogenic, NON-Genetically Modified.


Completely safe for users and for the planed.

3. U-Monitor

A cutting edge monitor that keeps tracks of every element in the surrounding environment, giving you real measurable data at your fingertips. The U-Monitor is connected to our U-Manager, where you can get insights on how to increase purification performance safely stored in the Cloud. 

Depending on the versions U-monitor includes between 4 to 10 Air Quality sensors ranging from VOC, Odorous Gases, CO2, CO, NO2 to PM1, PM2,5, Temperature, and Humidity.

U-manager Air Quality

Cloud Dashboard


Air Quality Detector.

4. U-Mask

Following the COVID-19 outbreak U-earth has invested in developing at record time a new Patent Pending Anti-proliferative BioLayer coated with a natural active principle able to auto sanitise itself inside the mask.

U-mask is a reusable mask which has a shelf life of 3 years and up to 200 hours of  use without internal bacteria proliferation.

You can purchase U-mask directly online choosing between a full range of different designs. We ship worldwide. Part of the profit coming from the sale of U-mask Model2 will be use to donate Pure Air Zones to hospitals for the whole duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more on the link below.

5. Pure  Air Zone App

Are you planning to join the Pure Air Zone Community and actively give your great contribution to make the world a better place?

Well, now you can by simply downloading the Pure Air Zone APP HERE or accessing directly from your mobile browser by clicking HERE from your phone.

You will be able to:

  • Find where all the Pure Air Zones are located around you

  • Access Free Binaural Brainwaves Deep Breathing Meditations to chill out and sync with the planet's heartbeat wherever you are

  • Act sending our team a note about whom you recommend should become a Pure Air Zone

  • See the Global Pure Air Index Dashboard and how much pollution Pure Air Zones are destroying in real-time

  • Manage your devices and personal air pollution destruction rate if you are a Pure Air Zone.

  • and much more!

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Create a pollution-free world and offer to every human being access to pure, breathable air

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