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How to Build
Your Pure Air Zone.

Begin your journey as a climate hero and enjoy the forest-like air quality. Find out how to set up both the AIRcel70 and Sensor-X, how to clean your AIRcel70 once every four months and how to use U-Lamp.


The Pure Air Zone Solution

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AIRcel Unpacking
and Setup

Follow this step-by-step video and set up your AIRcel in just 5 minutes. You will need something to carry the water.

AIRcel Cleaning Routine

After 4 months of using your AIRcel, follow this step-by-step video to clean it in just 10 minutes.

User Manual

AIRcel ENG.png

In this user manual you will find information on:


• Components and technical data 

• Precautions and correct use 

• Periodic cleaning procedure 

• U-Ox – Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 

• CE Declaration of conformity


How often do I need to add water? Usually once a week. However, if the device has just been installed in an environment that has never been previously treated with our AIRcel, a weekly check is most likely not enough as the bio-oxidation process generated by the elimination of the captured contaminants can produce a slight water heating which consequently causes its consumption. Therefore, please keep a constant eye on the water level for the first 2 weeks.


What type of water am I supposed to use? It is suggested to use only tap water. Water must be at room temperature and not too hot.


How often should I add U-Ox? It is necessary to add the contents of a bottle of U-Ox once a month.


What happens if I forget to add the U-Ox on the set day? The life of the biomass contained in each bottle, once added to the bioreactor water, is about 35 days, after which it loses its effectiveness. Failure to insert a new bottle would therefore make the device lose some of its purification effectiveness.


How often does the device need maintenance i.e. deep cleaning? It is usually recommended to carry out deep cleaning maintenance of the device every 4 months; however, in environments with heavier contaminants (e.g. laboratories, dental labs, etc.), it is recommended to run the maintenance every 3 months.





Sensor-X Unpacking
and Setup

Check out this video to see how

Sensor-X works.

User Manual

Sensor-X ENG.png

In this user manual you will find information on:

• Technical data of Sensor-X

• Use of Sensor-X

• Operating details

• Warranty conditions

• CE Declaration of conformity


What does Sensor-X measure? Sensor-X measures 5 parameters: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, TVOCs and PM2.5. It will also provide you with a score (AQI = Air Quality Index) evaluating the Air Quality in the location where it is placed. This score is calculated by considering exclusively pollutants affected by the AIRcel, that is: TVOCs and PM2.5. Other parameters (Temperature, Humidity and CO2) are monitored and evaluated on the basis of international standards, but do not impact on the AQI.


Where can I check the values of these parameters and the Air Quality score? You can either check them locally in your SensorX, or on your dashboard. You can also use the App.


How should I interpret my Air Quality score? If 0≤score≤20 the air quality is very good and the light on the screen will be GREEN.

If 21≤score≤40 the air quality is ok, but could be better. The light on the screen will be YELLOW. 

If 41≤score≤100 then the air quality is quite bad. The light will be RED. 

The same COLOUR-CODING applies to every single parameter according to different thresholds (depending on the parameter itself).

What should I do when a certain value is too high or too low? We will send you a notification providing you with a suggestion on how to proceed. For example, if the CO2 value is too high, most probably we will suggest that you open the window.

What’s the difference between the “Reboot” and “Factory Reset” buttons? The "Reboot" button will restart the device and finalise any modification to its Wi-Fi credentials after the installation. The "Factory Reset" button will bring SensorX to its initial out-of-the-box parameters and settings. ATTENTION PLEASE: be aware that this will also delete all connection configurations!





U-Lamp Unpacking
and Functioning

Watch this video to learn how

U-Lamp works.

User Manual

U-Lamp ENG.png

In this user manual you will find information on:

• UV radiation

• UV-C Exposure to the human body

• Technical Specifications

• Correct use

• CE Declaration of conformity


How long does U-Lamp take to disinfect the environment? U-Lamp is effective against microbes as soon as you turn it on, the longer it stays on the more microbes will be affected. Chamber tests have shown that it inactivates more than 97% of microbes in the air in 30 minutes.


Is U-Lamp safe? The U-Lamp provides filtered germicidal properties to reduce harmful viruses and bacteria while people are in the room without posing any health risks when used within the current exposure limits recommended. The U-Lamp produces no harmful UV radiation or wasteful visible light and infrared light. These are the recommendations:


Distance from the light / Maximum time of exposure

10 cm from the light / 36 min (approx half an hour)

50 cm from the light / 299 min (approx 5 hours)

100 cm from the light / 909 min (approx 15 hours)

150 cm from the light / 1158 (approx 19 hours)

From 2 meters from the light / ≥ 24 hours

How many hours do the light bulbs last? The light bulbs last approx. 11,000 hours.


How do I maintain U-Lamp? The bulbs should be changed after 11,000 hours of use or after 1 year of daily use. Bulbs should not be touched with bare hands. If the bulbs need to be changed, our service will take care of it. Please do not replace the bulb by yourself.


Does U-Lamp produce Ozone (O3)? No, U-Lamp does not produce relevant amounts of Ozone.

Need more information?

For any questions or concerns, please contact us via e-mail at or fill in the “contact us” form you can find below. We will be happy to help.

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