How to build
your Pure Air Zone.

Follow the instructions by watching how to set up both the AIRcel and Monitor, as well as how to clean your AIRcel,
which is required once every four months.

1. AIRcel Unpacking and Setup

Follow this step-by-step video and set up your AIRcel in just 5 minutes. You will need something to carry the water.

2. Monitor Installation

Follow this step-by-step video to set up your monitor. All you need is your smartphone and a pc or a tablet.

3. AIRcel Cleaning Routine

After 4 months of using your AIRcel, follow this step-by-step video to clean it in just
10 minutes.

Need more information?

Do you need more instructions on AIRcel setup,
cleaning and functions? Please download the AIRcel
instruction manual.


Once in your
Pure Air Zone.

Begin your journey as a climate hero and enjoy the forest-like air quality. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at, and our customer service will be happy to help.

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