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U-Earth provides you with a Pure Air biotech solution that allows you to regain control of your restaurant.

Good for your guests.

Great for your business.

Become a Pure Air Zone.

A Pure Air Zone is an area that boasts a clean air certification based on U-Earth's biotech protocols and bespoke technology solutions, capable of certifying, in real time, the quality of the air and reporting any discrepancies to ensure the safest environment at all times.

Proven to detect and destroy airborne coronavirus particles, part of the product suite includes a simple test kit that helps you detect the presence of the virus and allows you to take action.


In a Pure Air Zone, people can  breathe healthy, clean air in a pleasant setting. Pure Air Zones are part of a global community of pure air leaders.

Benefit #1

Protect staff and keep your business running.

- Monitor the air quality in real time.
- Capture traces of inactive SARS-CoV-2    and take immediate action.
- Prevent staff contamination.

Benefit #2

Provide customers with a safe dining experience.


- Provide healthy, clean air.

- Ensure kitchen carcinogens never            reach the customers.

- Peace of mind for all guests.

Who Does It Benefit?

Benefit #3

Promote your location to likeminded individuals.​

- Be found on the Pure Air Zone map.

- Use your Pure Air score as part of your    communication to customers.

- Support your sustainability strategy.

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Pure Air Zones are currently in use in Michelin-starred restaurants, ensuring the luxury, fine dining experience that guests expect, as well as with numerous other highly regarded companies across a variety of different industries.

"I'm really proud to have this [air purifier] with me every day."

    - Alessandro Simonetti, Microsoft

"It doesn't only make a difference in your work. It makes a difference in your life."

    - Raffaella Vignatelli, Luxury Living Group

Plug & Play

Fully integrated

Each air purifier only requires a plug socket to work. No structural changes necessary. Simply plug and play. No filters to replace.


If a traditional system is already in use, maintenance costs will be reduced and longevity will be enhanced.

Because Looks Matter

Every restaurant has a different identity, feel and style. We know that only too well.

This is why we decided to provide bespoke covers for your air purifier to perfectly integrate with your existing interior design.

Stay ahead of

the competition.

Becoming a Pure Air Zone gives you the benefit of being featured in the Pure Air Zone app, a map that locates each and every Pure Air Zone around the world.


Just like seeking out WiFi or a bite to eat, people can finally choose what to breathe as well. Why settle?

Set the sustainability standard for hospitality in your area.

Who is U-Earth?

U-Earth is committed to improving human health through innovative biotechnology that actively cleans the air we breathe. In 2018, after ten years of field-testing and validation, U-Earth launched a pioneering range of biotech products to ensure air quality control, enabling companies across all industries to provide the best possible air quality for their employees.


When the pandemic began, U-Earth knew its biotechnology could help in the fight against the coronavirus and used it to create a sustainable face mask, the U-Mask, that actively destroys airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, while also donating their air purifying bioreactors to hospitals to help in the fight against cross-contamination.

U-Earth was awarded Start-Up of the Year 2020 by Fortune Italia magazine and is currently working with Michelin-starred restaurants, Champions League football teams and Formula 1 racing brands to initiate conversation and enhance air quality around the world.


Learn more about Pure Air Zones and regain control of your business

We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your location.

We're here to help.


To create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.


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