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Pure Air Zone®
In track for 2030

Sustainability goes way beyond CO2 reduction.

What if naturally cleaning the air from pollutants could become a new sustainability pillar for your sustainability report?

impact factor report U-Earth

The Impact Factor

The Impact Factor is a materiality assessment of the environmental impact of the U-Earth technology or the U-Earth customers' and partners’ air purification projects.

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Concrete Structure

Impact Factor is 
a whole different story

Algorithm Based

More than an indicator, it is an algorithm, fully compliant with international standards, based on an extensive data set,  processed by A.I., to orientate impact performance improvements.



An impact assessment that cross-references and synergises companies’ objectives with stakeholders’ interests from an environmental perspective.

The First

U-Earth Impact Factor is the first in the world to transform Air Pollution destruction in a material score


Stakeholder Oriented

The Impact Factor is based on the overall activity of a company (suppliers + operations + products) – on the specific area in which it operates.

The U-Earth
Impact Factor 

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Multiply your ESG effort

The Impact Factor tracks and quantifies how air purification powered by Pure Air Zone contributes to improve ESG scores as defined by various existing standards (eg. GRI).

Enrich your Reports

The Impact Factor can be featured in sustainability reports adding transparency and data based strength to investments in air quality.

Raise your credibility

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The Impact Factor measures the real impact of organizations' investments in air quality, thus providing substantial support for a brand's positioning on purpose and sustainability trajectories.


The SDG challenge

How can you deliver meaningful impact and real progress on the global challenges set by the UN framework? 

The 2030 agenda

SDGs 2023 list

How U-Earth
aligns to SDGs

SGD 3 U-Earth

Ensure healthy lives and promote
well-being for all 

SGD 7 U-Earth

Universal and reliable access to affordable modern power generation services

SDG 9 U-Earth

Develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure

SDG 11 U-Earth

Reduce the negative environment
impact of cities

SDG 12 U-Earth

Encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and inform people about them

SDG 13 U-Earth

Implement climate protection measures

SDG 17 U-Earth

Encourage and promote partnerships for Sustainable Development 




Air quality, like
drinkable water, 
will not adjust itself.

It’s not the occasional dose of pollutants that kills you, but the daily exposure to contaminants.

Glass of water
U-Earth marketing communication


Enabling SDGs
and more.

U-Earth introduces a new sustainability mindset:

  • keeping people safe

  • reinforcing SDG goal achievements

  • making results visible across stakeholders

  • becoming more competitive

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