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Pure Air Zone App by U-Earth

Air pollution is a global problem.
Become part of the

The Pure Air Zone App lets you act on air quality, enjoy clean air, learn eco habits and join a community of activists.

Vote for the air you want to breathe.

Download the Pure Air Zone App today!


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What is a Pure Air Zone

A Pure Air Zone is any business that offers its visitors clean air by installing U-Earth’s suite of air purification services. Pure Air Zones remove pollution and pathogens from the air while contributing to the decontamination of the planet. You can find all the Pure Air Zones around the world on the app.

Why Does Air Pollution Need An App?

Time is running out fast.


We have no more than 8 years to revert climate change. 

Action is needed from everyone. The Pure Air Zone App lets you take daily actions for a more sustainable future. 

Collectively, we can fight for a change.


It’s easy to believe that your actions alone can’t make a difference. You’re not alone, we are here to help. Find a community that’s acting for impact, together. 

Action doesn't need to be difficult.


It only takes 3.5% of the population to ensure serious change. Taking action can be easier than you think. Simply click download to see how you can make a difference today.


How the Pure Air Zone App Can Help

Act, learn and connect to have an impact on climate change and inspire others to do the same.

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Check the air quality and find the nearest Pure Air Zone

See if the air quality in your area is safe and find the closest Pure Air Zones to you on the map. Check-in when you arrive, enjoy breathing safe air and earn points.

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Learn eco tips and enjoy guided meditation

Become more informed with daily snippets about sustainability and wellness or relax with guided meditation sessions. Each article read or session completed earns you more points.

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Earn points for

Every act you make to better the planet and yourself earns you points to spend at participating stores or to enter competitions.

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Vote for the air
you want to breathe

From your local coffee shop to your gym or even where you work – suggest the places you think should offer pure air to their visitors so you can breathe easier in the places you visit the most.

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Connect to a
community of activists

Inspire others to act for climate change and invite your network to join the air pollution revolution. Then, you can climb the ranks together to become a Pure Air Hero.

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Enjoy Pure Air Zone on the go with the U-Mask

Scan your face to find the right U-Mask – our air pollution-fighting face mask, so you can stay protected at all times.


Download the Pure Air Zone App today!


Are You a Business?
Lead the Sustainability Transformation

Become a Pure Air Zone yourself and join a group of organisations that are leading a

world-changing project – clean air for all. 

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Keep your employees and customers safe

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Meet and reinforce your

ESG goals easily

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Add pure air to your services

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Be found by more people and

get more business

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Improve your brand reputation

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Connect with a worldwide community of activists

Join the other
Pure Air Leaders

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Who is U-Earth?

U-Earth is a biotech company providing cutting-edge and nature-based solutions – air purification services and hyper health products – that aim to enable prosperity for everyone, while contributing to the ultimate goal: making clean air a human right, for the good of the Earth.

Pure Air Zone App FAQs

  • What is the technology behind U-Earth's purifiers?
    U-Earth's Air Purifiers attract contaminants and pollutants through electrical molecular charge. This ensures that even those particles not movable by ventilation are attracted. Once captured, the contaminants are digested and destroyed by our U-Ox formula while releasing pure air.
  • What is the U-Ox?
    The U-Ox is a proprietary biotech formula composed of natural, friendly, non-pathogenic & non genetically-modified bacteria that go target and destroy contamimants. This is what the AirCell captured in our office in 1 month thanks to the U-Ox:
  • How long does the U-Ox last?
    The U-Ox typically lasts one month. This means that after one month of 24/7 Air Cell unit operation, you need to add the U-Ox formula in order to refresh & reactive the healthy bacteria.
  • Does it need cleaning?
    Yes but only once a month and it is very simple. Just remove the inner unit and scrub away the dirt inside with just water. Everything is detailed in the user manual.

Pure Air Begins with U.

Here's where you can change the world and make pure air a human right. Act now.


Download the Pure Air Zone App today!


Need help? Contact our customer support here

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