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PAZ Dashboard
All your locations under control

Paz Dashboard U-Earth Pure Air Zone

Green light approach

​U-Earth technology continuously tracks air quality in real-time.

Complex metric processing

Most air purification technologies on the market cannot provide real-time, easily readable, rapid, and effective performance indices and scores.


An ecosystem beyond air purification

Monitor Air Quality in Real Time

The PAZ IoT Dashboard receives Air Quality Data from SensorX every 5 minutes for the 5 parameters: VOC, PM, CO2, HR, Temperature 

Identify issues immediately

An alert system can be personalised based on your needs. Receive immediately the metrics you care about.

Release reports and advice

Graphs sometimes can be confusing. Out team of air quality soecialists is behind your back releansing quartenly reports on how are things going.

Release an Index and Impact Factor

Pure Air Zone Logo

Sustainability is about metrics and numbers. The PAZ Dashboard releases you PAZ Index which compares yor performace with others while gathering data for the Impact Score.


The PAZ Dashboard Score

Sensor-X and the IoT Air Quality Dashboard form a next-generation monitoring system that evaluates air quality in real-time by measuring temperature, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and PM2.5 (fine particulate matter).

To create an accurate and easy-to-understand Air Quality Index (AQI), the Sensor-X monitoring system uses aggregated information from a range of different national and international standards, as well as international organizations focused on worker safety.

These entities include groups such as:

  • The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, the US government environmental agency)

  • The WHO (World Health Organization)

  • The EEA (European Environment Agency)

  • WELL


  • National standards from Japan, China, Taiwan, scientific publications, and others.


A level 3 index is used for each air quality category measured, which includes temperature, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and PM2.5 (fine particulate matter). Each index level has an associated color.

Score colours

PAZ Dashboard colors

The PAZ Index rationale

PAZ dashboard Index
U-Earth Pure Air Zone logo

Pure Air Zone Index (PAZ Index): Quantifies the impact of air purification through the biotechnology ecosystem by considering the results of Pure Air Zones worldwide or within a specific company/organization/area. It is based on the operating time of bioreactors (calculated from the installation date), their number, and the power/size of the individual models installed. This index increases over time as the amount of purified air grows and new Pure Air Zones with new devices are created.

Future Commitments Index: Similar to the PAZ Index, it quantifies the impact of one or more Pure Air Zones but is based on the future impact, calculating the time from installation until the end of the commitment by the Pure Air Zone client/partner (thus, this index does not change over time).

Our New
Game Changing Feature

impact factor U-Earth Pure Air Zone


The U-Earth Impact Factor

Add a new chapter to your Sustainability Report

U-Earth is the first company in the world to have created a material Impact Factor powered by IAIA*


Optional Addition: A Pure Air Zone can optionally include an analysis based on the Impact Factor through AI.


Contribution Measurement: This data indicates the contribution of Pure Air Zone to air decontamination in the area where your facility is located.


GRI Standards Alignment: The analysis is aligned with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.


*IAIA: International Association for Impact Assessment

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