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U-Earth Awards

U-Earth Nominated for the second time for the Earthshot Prize

Year 2023/Year 2024

 The Earthshot Prize is an award created by HH Prince William with different targets to find and grow the solutions to repair our planet.

U-Earth was nominated to participate in the Clean Our Air Earthshot both in 2023 and 2024.

earthshot prize nomination U-Earth 2023 2024
Earthshot Prize prince William

World Economic Forum Membership

Year 2021-2022-2023


U-Earth is part of the World Economic Forum New Champions Community.


The World Economic Forum’s New Champions Community brings together next-generation enterprises that understand that, in a rapidly changing world, preparing for the future is crucial to survive and thrive. These companies champion new business models and technologies to build resilience in their businesses, industries, and communities.


Our contribution will be being a champion of the clean air revolution, where pure air is key for people to thrive

and a fundamental source of competitive advantage for businesses of any kind. 

World Economic Forum U-Earth Membership Certificate

Pure Air Zone is one of the #1000 solutions.

Switzerland, February 2020 and November 2023

The Solar Impulse Foundation's mission is to boost the adoption of profitable solutions to protect the environment. The challenge is to select 1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation. Assessed by independent experts, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label serves as a credible marker of quality to decision-makers in business and government to bring new technologies and products to the market and speed up their implementation.

Visit the Pure Air Zone Label page HERE.

Solar Impulse Pure Air Zone 2023 Label

Second Seal of Excellence awarded from EIC for Pure Air Zone.

H2020-Seal-of-Excellence logo

 October 10, 2023

U-earth responded to the European Innovation Coucil Accellerator call in 2022 call for solutions to the air quality problem. We submitted a further development of the Pure Air Zone project, with the intent to be able to avoid social distancing in case of a future pandemic threat.   

The European Commission awarded the project with the Seal of Excellence for first-class innovation ideas worthy of investment.


U-Earth EU Seal of Excellence for Pure Air Zone Project
U-Earth Pure Air Zone Logo

Rushlight Clean Environment Award.

28 January, 2021

U-Earth is delighted to announce that it has won the Rushlight Clean Environment Award 2020/21. U-Earth was recognized for its Pure Air Zone technology, in particular the AIRcel air purifying bioreactor and its use of U-Ox to purify air within its environment. 

The Rushlight Awards are prestigious and highly regarded, a celebration and promotion of new technology, innovation and best practice across the whole environment spectrum for organizations throughout UK and internationally. Designed to highlight innovation, initiatives and the holistic environmental benefit of technologies that are most likely to or are already creating a real impact in the market, they are a means of disseminating the successes to support further development.'

Read more about the award here

Rushlight Award Certificate U-Earth

Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Council

H2020-Seal-of-Excellence U-Earth

 May 9, 2020

U-earth responded to a European Commission Horizon 2020 call for solutions to COVID-19 crisis. We decided to present the U-mask Model Two project, a product designed to build a barrier between people, protecting them from crossed contamination. The mask was designed to be comfortable, sustainable and innovative, containing an internal antiproliferative BioLayer coated with a natural active principle able to self sanitize itself from airborne pathogens.

The European Commission awarded the project with the Seal of Excellence for first-class innovation ideas worthy of investment.


U-Earth Seal of Excellence for U-Mask COVID-19 EIC project
logo u-mask

U-earth wins ENI
Call for Innovation 2019.

Eni  gas e luge logo

Milano, Talent Garden June 28, 2019

ENI Gas e Luce has run its first Call For Innovation to integrate Smart & Efficient technologies as a new offer to their customer base.  73 startup and SME have been considered and 10 finalists were selected for the final event.

U-earth was the winner and therefore will start a co-design person whit the ENI team to provide Pure Air in Buildings with the goal of using less energy and better use.

The pitch and award collection was done by Lorenzo Di Cataldo, U-earth marketing manager.

U-earth wins the ENI Gas e Luce call for innovation

U-earth wins 
Steel on Stage 2019.

Steel on stage logo

Fieramilano Rho ( Milan ),  May 1, 2019


U-Earth Biotech won the contest Steel on stage, launched by Made in Steel, the main southern Europe’s Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel industry, and Digital Magics, the main Italian business incubator, with the support of Ventures.

The final stage of the contest, with about 30 participants and 9 finalists, took place at Made in Steel, where the selected digital professionals had the possibility to present their innovative products and services to a qualified public, to European and international decision makers in the steel industry, from production to distribution.

The award was collected from Luca Molgora, U-earth Industrial channel manager.

Borsa Italiana Logo

U-earth wins 
Borsa Italiana Award 2019.

Borsa Italiana-London Stock Exchange |  Milano,  November 29, 2018

U-Earth Biotech won the award "Borsa Italiana", launched by the UK Department of International Trade as part of the UK- Italy Business boost campaign.  

The award was handed to Betta Maggio from the British Ambassador to Italy, Ms Jill Morris at the presence of Mr Tim Flear Consul General and Director DIT Italy and Mr. Tom sleigh Vice Chairman of Policy and Resources Committee, City of London Corporation.

The contest was between Italian and UK companies, presenting their project at the event named "UK- Italy Fintech Stories ".

Jill Morris and Betta Maggio winner of the Borsa Italian Award
Borsa Italiana U-earth award

U-earth wins the
Female Founders Challenge
at Unbound London 2018.

unbound London tech logo

Unbound 2018 Tech Festival | London, July 2018

Unbound London is the UK's largest and most exciting innovation festival. A great event which connects brands and corporates with disruptive technology. It is one of Europe's biggest tech conferences bringing together the hottest tech brands with oner 5000 delegates eager to experience how innovation is changing the world.

U-earth was selected for the Female Challenge Founders between other 7 finalist shortlisted startups and was awarded as the best project for the Unbound 2018 edition.

Unbound 2018 Betta Maggio winner of the Female Founders Challenge

U-earth wins the
Premio Gammadonna 2017
for female entrepreneurship.

Gammaforum 2017 Sole24ore | Milan, November 2017

Gammaforum is the most important national event focused on female entrepreneurship and its issues, proposing and promoting growth strategies for the role of women in the business world and presenting innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Gammadonna Award was born in 2004 and it has established itself as a formidable talent scout female run business in every sector of the Italian entrepreneurial scene selected among hundreds of carefully chosen candidates.

U-earth was honoured to win the 2017 edition.


U-earth wins the
SMAU 2016 Innovation Award.

Smau Innovation Prize U-Earth 2016

SMAU 2016 Innovation Festival | Milano, October 2016

SMAU is the main business matching platform in Italy covering growth and updates on innovation, digital, leading-edge technology and internationalisation chosen each year by over 50,000 managers, public administrations and entrepreneurs commencing companies with the entire innovation ecosystem made of startups, incubators, digital players and accelerators.

U-earth was privileged to win the SMAU2016 Innovation Prize for the Pure Air Zone project with a focus on U-monitor, one of the first portable real-time Air Quality monitoring systems connected to the Cloud.

Betta Maggio di U-Earth ritira il premio Smau innovation award 2016

U-Earth Events


Davos 2023 interview

November 2023


Betta Maggio has been invited by TBD Media for an interview on the U-Earth Pure Air Zone project during the Davos 2023 World Economic Forum event.


U-earth invited by Prime Minister Conte to the Stati Generali.

logo governo italiano

Villa Pamphilj | Rome, June 21, 2020


U-earth was honored to be invited to a closed-door meeting with the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Ministers of Health, Education, Economic Development, and Economy during the Stati Generali (Estates General )at the beautiful Villa Pamphilj. Together with another ten of the most brilliant minds and industry leaders, U-earth was able to make the government aware of the importance of air quality both to face the post-pandemic restart and to tackle air pollution in the future. "Clean Air should be available to all just like drinkable tap water already is," said our CEO Betta Maggio, asking for higher quality standards and regulations to protect people during the transition to a cleaner world since air pollution is costing 1 trillion globally in direct and indirect damages while making us more vulnerable to infections such as #covid19.

The inputs given by all the guests to the government were well noted and we hope they will be taken into consideration.

Overall, it has been a mindblowing, amazing experience. 

READ MORE on the Italian government website.

Betta Maggio agli Stati Generali per rappresentare U-Earth tra gli imprenditori
Stati generali Betta Maggio incontra il primo ministro Conte

Betta Maggio presents the
Pure Air Zone project in her
TEDx Milano talk.

tedx-milano-logo U-Earth

TEDx Salon | Milano, November 2019

TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design and is a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short talks. It covers topics from science to business global challenges and issues in more than 100 languages.

Betta's talk is centred on the importance of the quality of what we are breathing, and while she explains her hard path as a deep-tech female founder, she challenges the audience to embrace a life with a purpose, actively participating in co-creating a new possible world.

U-earth presented to the
House of Representatives
in Rome.

U-earth Camera dei deputati

Camera Dei Deputati | Rome, November 2019

U-earth has been invited at the event Wwworkers Camp 2019 Ecowarriors, an event in collaboration with the Italian inter parliamentary group for innovation, Google and Ebay to present innovative projects.

 U-earth presented at the Camera dei Deputati in Roma

Opening party for the first
Amadahy Urban #Apollo.


NH Hotel | Milano, July 2019 - January 2020

U-earth is proud to install the new Amadahy Urban in Milano, called #Apollo as part of a new concept, the Urban Brain SPA hosts bt NH Hotel 

The system is completed by a set of Outdoor Air Quality devices to kick off a new project proposal for Urban Air purification.

The installation is open to everyone, surrounded by lounge chairs to chill out and breathe pure mountain air. Connecting to the visitors can go the the " breathe" page and listen trough there headphones to a Bineural meditation track to complete the mindfulness experience. 

U-earth takes part to
Smart Cities NY 2019.

Smart Cities NY logo

Pier 36  | New York, May 2019

SCNY  is North America's leading global conference for decision makers and innovators, including City Leaders , CEOs and startups who are improving life in the cities of tomorrow making them more sustainable and liveable. 

More that 30 between Presidents, Ministers and Mayor attended the conference with more that 300 speakers and 500 cities represented.

U-earth was invited from the New York Smart Cities event organiser to display the Pure Air Zone project and related AIRcel/Amadahy air purifiers for indoor and outdoor use.

U-Earth joins SCNY
Milan Mayor Beppe Sala and  Betta Maggio U-earth in NY

Seeds & Chips 2019
hosts a Pure Air Zone.

Seeds and chips logo

RHO Fiera  | Milano, May 2019

Seeds and Chips is the leading food innovation summit in the world, hosting speakers like President Barak Obama, John Kerry and Kerry Kennedy to bring together innovators from all over the world to build a better food system, support the food innovation community and create public awareness to support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs).

Since Pure Air is food for the brain, U-earth was invited to create a Pure Air Zone area in the summit in the "NextGen Home" section.

U-Earth joins Seeds and Chips event

U-earth launches the
Forest Room concept for
the Milano Design Week.

Luxury Living Group Logo

RHO Salone del Mobile 2019 | Milano, April 2019

U-earth launched the new "Forest Room" concept for Luxury Living Group in their FENDI casa stand during the Salone del Mobile 2019.

A whole room was set up with several luxurious Fendi lounge seats, and a huge screen showed an immersive forest video. Special Soraa Healthy lamps were installed in a dynamic computer-controlled system to create the sensation of the sun passing through the forest leaves. People were invited to wear headphones where natural forest sounds could be heard in conjunction with Theta Binaural brain waves and were invited to breathe deeply to induce deep relaxation and a deep, regenerative meditation state.   The relaxation benefits of a full-day spa in 10 minutes.

GreenEarth, a new model
designed for the
Maserati lounge.

Greenearth logo

RHO Salone del Mobile 2019 | Milano, April 2019

U-earth presented GreenEarth its new model of Corporate Air Purifier designed by Japanese designers Setsu & Shinobu Ito and the furniture manufacturer StayGreen.

GreenEarth is a special version of the Amadahy model with a cover made in special Coated honeycomb cardboard, a material used by Staygreen throughout its whole furniture collection.

GreenEarth made the Maserati Corporate Lounge a Pure Air Zone in the Brera Design District during the Salone del Mobile 2019.

Greenearth air purifier white and Maserati
U-earth Maserati luonge in Pure Air Zone

#SheMeansBusiness is a Facebook project to promote female entrepreneurship, a space for women to share advice, make valuable connections and move forward together.

Betta has been selected as an inspiring role model testimonial for Italy with the Pure Air Zone project.

Watch the #SheMeansBusiness video with Betta here.

Betta Maggio selected as a testimonial from Facebook.

Betta Maggio #shemeansbusiness testimonial
Media Mentions

Media and Press 


Are you a journalist? U-Earth is on the constant lookout for amazing bloggers, influencers, journalists and editors.


Register for our Media Room and receive first- hand press releases, product trials and updates on the Pure Air Zone project as it progresses.


Your contribution is hugely important to raise awareness of the need to provide pure air around the world.

It will be great to have you on board. The future begins with 'U'.

Fortune Italia Logo

U-Earth, named among the ten Italian and sustainable startups

U-Earth has set itself the ambitious goal of cleaning up the planet's air. Not only from pollution, but also from viruses and bacteria – a crucial aspect in times of pandemic. 

Affari e finanza logo

The Italian startup that purifies the air from viruses and smog.

U-earth Biotech, based in London, uses a system that captures pollutants with "good" bacteria, invented in the USA by the founder's scientist uncle.

Affari e finanza logo

The air startup leaves Turin: "We can't grow here"

Born in the city, it is now abandoning Italy to become a real company: "Wonderful city for innovation, not for industrialization"

Affari e finanza logo

With the "hi-tech mushroom" in the gardens you can breathe the air of the Matterhorn.

A "decontaminated" outdoor area, freed from smog and fine dust. An outdoor area where the air is finally breathable, indeed where it is even as pure as that which you breathe on the summit of the Matterhorn. It happens in Turin, in the municipal garden of Corso Svizzera......

Affari e finanza logo

U-earth: a startup to bring people back to breathing pure air.

A biological air purification system unique in the world, capable of digesting up to 76kg of pollutants per day and equivalent to a forest of 6000 oak trees.

millionaire logo

The super-awarded entrepreneur who fights pollution.

Betta Maggio created U-Earth, a biotech company that develops innovative systems for air purification.

wired logo

4 stories of Italian startups that sought their fortune in London

From the platform for selecting workers to the company that purifies the air, this is why 4 Italian startups have decided to start from London to launch their business idea.

startup italia logo

Purify the air with bacteria. U-Earth won the call from Eni Gas e Luce.

Not all bacteria, as we know, are pathogenic. Some can be really useful to humans. This is the business of the Turin startup. Who, however, has already left Italy.

corriere innovazione logo

With intelligent cylinders that reduce smog in the city you can breathe pure air.

A Turin SME has patented an innovative, secret and unique biotechnology that captures polluted air and destroys it through a natural process.

io donna

The 150 women to follow in Italy on startups, innovation and digital

In Italy there are only 1,054 innovative companies created "female-dominated", 13% of the total, female-dominated start-ups. But something is moving and the results are arriving. We have selected six of the most innovative and successful female entrepreneurs. And these are their stories....

startup italia logo

The 150 women to follow in Italy on startups, innovation and digital

The list of all the profiles to discover the women who have founded or lead a startup, direct the transformation and digital strategy of large corporations together with scientists and activists.

bloomberg logo

These Devices Will Eat the Smog Trump Stokes With His Coal Boom.

An innocuous metal cylinder in a garden at the foot of the Italian Alps, quietly snacking in air pollution, may be part of the answer to President Trump's ambition to stimulate coal burning.

sole 24 logo

Natural bacteria that eat pollution

A system that captures and digests, through natural bacteria, any type of air pollution, releasing oxygen. It is the system "inherited" by Betta Maggio that gave life to a female entrepreneurial project. Awarded in Milan as part of GammaDonna

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