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Pure Air Zone®
A Performance-based technology

The air that you breathe has
a unique and invisible problem.
You may not be aware of it.
How good is your team's performance?

Purification Technologies Comparison

U-Earth technology aims to detect and resolve real issues by monitoring the environment in real-time.

Most technologies on the market claim that they are destroying 99.9% of all sorts of contaminants and have the lab testing validations to prove it.

However, what happens in a box is not what happens in a real case scenario where variables change constantly based on occupancy, seasonally, air exchanges, operational activities, type of furniture and fittings, outdoor air quality and much more.


The result is poor UNDETECTED performance.


Based on 15 years of real case validation, U-Earth was able to build a plug-and-play IoT suite of products connected to the cloud designed for the professional environment to release a new breathing standard while becoming a new sustainability. ESG and CSR pillar.

Green light approach

​U-Earth technology continuously tracks air quality in real-time.

Complex metric processing

Most air purification technologies on the market cannot provide real-time, easily readable, rapid, and effective performance indices and scores.


How is U-Earth Pure Air Zone different?

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Pure Air Zone comparison

How Particles Work.

Extensive research on particle motion has discovered that 92% of pollutants and pathogens in the air are less than 0-5 microns in size - too small to respond to gravity or ventilation.


Those particles are only affected by the Earth's electrostatic field; they repel one another and stay suspended in the air indefinitely, eventually sticking to surfaces, clothing, or screens when attracted by static electricity.


Neither ventilation nor gravity will ever be the primary attraction force.

Particle settling time by size






icone purify



SensorX icon
icone be loved



Capture every contaminant in the air around you.

Mimic nature by digesting the pollutants.

Keep track of the air quality in real-time.

A score for your efforts.

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AIRcel® attracts all particles regardless of size and type.

The smaller
the better.

U-earth molecular charge attraction


Once the contaminants have been attracted inside the air purifier, it’s time for the ‘magic’ to happen. The U-Ox within the system showcases its amazing efficiency as natural bio-oxidation occurs. The contaminants and compounds are digested and transformed into water, carbon dioxide (as a result of cellular respiration) and if present, base elements.

Example of H2S digestion:

H2S + O2  =   H2O  +  CO2  +  S

Captured Compound



Carbon Dioxide

Trace Elements

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U-Earth VS competitors comparison table

Why U-Earth is so special and different

Opex Model

Offset the investment in air quality by distributing it on a monthly basis, just like your WIFI subscription.

Unique Tech

Single-solution technologies might not address all the air quality problems at once and are not designed to work 24/7 while air quality gets detected in real time. No other professional solution is based on Bio-oxidation.


Pure Air Zone® is an Ecosystem of patented products specifically designed for professional use. It is installed through site-specific projects and customised to the needs of professional users, releasing advice and reporting throughout the duration of the contract


Enjoy a comprehensive service that includes everything. From air purification to air quality monitoring and personal protection, from reporting to marketing services, instead of assembling yourself the different pieces that a holistic approach to clean air requires.

Made in Italy

All our devices PPE and additives are made in Italy on fully owned production lines.

ESG ready

Correlate your investment in clean air to your ESG goals and reporting thanks to U-Earth exclusive Impact Factor.

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