The problem goes beyond CO2 emissions.

Air pollutants like industrial fumes and car emissions are what is killing us NOW. We can't avoid them but we can handle them. U-Earth uses cutting-edge biotech to naturally destroys tons of air pollution.


Join a world-changing project with a huge impact, naturally removing the air pollution around you.

Companies are the new environmental heroes.

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Air pollution needs to be captured and destroyed because it is not going to solve itself. It needs to be addressed very fast since it is affecting human life and nature like nothing else in the history of this planet. U-Earth has created biotechnology able to naturally digest tons of air pollution a day giving companies a new scalable tool to meet their sustainability goals.


We don't just care about air.

We care about you.

You are here to make a difference. Our mission is to give you another tool to use on your groundbreaking path of making a better world as your professional mission.


Because the leaders and the companies of the future are the ones that change the world. Starting from what they breathe. 


If you are looking to improve your air quality in order to be suitable for Sustainable Building Certifications U-earth can help you working closely with the certification body to meet the requested standard.

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Since the Corona Virus outbreak happened the whole world's awareness shifted towards the importance of safe air quality. The spreading of COVID-19 in closed spaces is also linked to airborne transmission through nebulized droplets from sneezing.



* all the logos displayed are exclusive property of the respective owners.


Create a pollution-free world and offer to every human being access to pure, breathable air


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