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Become a
Pure Air

Take a stand against climate change.

Destroy air pollution on a daily basis. Make an impact in lowering emissions around the world.

Air pollution belongs in the past. Start breathing the future with our commercial air purifier.

Pure air begins with 'U'.

Life is too precious
To breathe dirty air. 

Pollutants are all around us. Industrial fumes and car emissions are just the beginning. The air indoors is up to five times more polluted than outside. From allergies to life-threatening illnesses, we can make small changes to enhance our way of life.

We can't avoid pollution but we can handle it. U-Earth uses cutting-edge biotech commercial air purifiers to naturally neutralise contaminants and improve the air we breathe.

Utilise the wonders of nature to remove air pollution from your environment and join a world-changing project making a huge impact.

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A measurable impact.

Air pollution is affecting human life and nature like never before. The way we live has a direct impact on everything from the smallest blade of grass to the largest mammal. This problem will not solve itself.

U-Earth is at the forefront of biotechnology. Our commercial air purifiers can naturally digest tonnes of air pollution every day, turning harmful particles and pathogens into harmless waste and giving companies a scalable tool to meet their sustainability goals.

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We don't just care about air.
We care about you.

You are here to make a difference. To make the world a better place. Our purpose is to provide you with another tool to help you on your journey and fulfil your goals. It all begins with 'U'.

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The companies of the future are the ones to change the world. Breathe in the possibilities.

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Awards & Validations

A proven, established biotech solution.
Ready to perform.

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If you are looking to improve air quality with a commercial air purifier in order to be suitable for Sustainable Building Certifications, U-Earth can help. We will work closely with both you and the certification body to ensure that your building meets the required standard.

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Proven to be efficient in dramatically reducing
airborne pathogens.

U-earth bacteria count before and after.

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the world's awareness has shifted toward the importance of air quality. The spread of viruses in enclosed spaces can be linked to the airborne transmission and U-Earth Biotech's commercial air purifier is proven to help in the fight against

cross-contamination within a hospital setting.

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Join the companies changing the world.

* all logos displayed are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

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