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Turn your

school into a

Pure Air Zone 

Image by Scott Webb

Air Pollution minimises learning potential

Children spend the majority of their day at school.

Exposure to air pollutants may affect their learning capabilities and increase their risk of developing chronic lung conditions including asthma.

It doesn't have to be this way.

A forest both

inside and out

As soon as you 'plant' an AIRcel 'AMADAHY' air purifier in classrooms or common rooms, the power of 276 oak trees is unleashed and the decontamination will never stop. Probably best not to let students climb on it though.

amadahy nero luce.png

Breathe in the possibilities

Contaminants including, VOCs, allergens, viruses and bacteria are removed from the environment allowing both students and teachers to breathe pure air and maintain focus during lessons.

Track the difference

Each AIRcel 70 machine is capable of eating up to 3.5kg of contaminants a day.

Once the school building is clear of pollutants, the purifier sets to work on the outdoor pollution as well, transforming your environment into a Pure Air Zone.

By establishing a Pure Air Zone, your school joins gyms, factories and more in becoming part of a global project to track decontamination of the environment in real-time.

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2030 sustainable goals
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New Dashboard.png
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Offer the

best learning environment for pupils and staff in your area.

Becoming a Pure Air Zone gives your school the benefit of being featured in the Pure Air Zone app, a Map that locates each and every Pure Air Zone in the world.


Just like seeking out WiFi or a bite to eat, people can finally choose what to breathe as well. Why settle?

All parents want the best for their children and all headteachers want the best for their staff. Set your establishment up for the future and begin enjoying the benefits of clean air.

Book time with an

Air Quality Specialist today

We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your location while enabling your school to improve its ESG score and qualify for Sustainable Building Certifications.  

Plug & Play

Fully integrated

Each AIRcel air purifier only requires a plug socket to work. No structural changes necessary. Simply plug and play.

If a traditional system is already in use, maintenance costs will be reduced and longevity will be enhanced.

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book time with an AQS
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