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Indoor air is from two to ten times as polluted as outdoor air. Turning your school into a Pure Air Zone means that students can learn in a pollution-free environment, improve studying performance and develop in a healthy environment.


A Pure Air Zone will ultimately increase enrolment and retention.

The quality of inside air is significantly affected by outside air, as well as indoor factors. Children spend the majority of their day at school.

Exposure to air pollutants can increase the risk for a child of developing asthma, affect their learning abilities, as well as a child's heart, brain, and nervous system development.

To prevent drowsiness, loss of concentration and decreased productivity, it is needed to clean inside environments from air pollutants.

As soon as you "plant" an AMADAHY air purifier in classrooms or common rooms, the power of 276 oak trees starts the decontamination and will never stop.

Smog, allergens, VOCs, odors,

and other pollutants are removed

letting you breathe pure mountain air.

Including the ones coming from outside.


Schools are inevitably exposed to air pollution coming from traffic and streets. Crating a Pure Air Zone will combat those dangerous pollutants.

As each machine can eat up to 3.5kg of contaminants a day, once your school is purified you start destroying outdoor pollution.

By becoming a Pure Air Zone you are part of

a global project which takes track of your performances.

Get found because you offer the best growing environment.

Becoming a Pure Air Zone gives you the benefit of getting featured in the Pure Air Zone APP, where a Map locates all the Pure Air Zones in the world.


Finally, people can choose what to breathe just like they do with what they eat or drink and we want this to be found everywhere, just like WiFi. 

A platinum standard you can't miss to stay ahead of the competition. Any parent wants just the best for their children. 

Book time with an

Air Quality Specialist today

We can discuss your requirements today and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your Corporate offices while enabling your company  for Building Quality Certifications and ESG scoring.  

An AIRcel only requires a plug to work. No structural changes required. If a traditional system is already in use, you will reduce your maintenance costs and will make the traditional one last longer.