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Turning your company locations into Pure Air Zones means offering your employees and your customers a pollution-free environment while your company reduces energy consumption and actively joins a global project to reduce air pollution providing the most important element for life: Pure Air

8 Tangible Effects of Pure Air

Take great care of your greatest asset: your people. 

Talent Retention

Your greatest asset is your people. The best companies in the world are investing in talent retention strategies and this is one of them.

Energy cost Savings

Cleaner air means less need for external air inlet and more recirculation, thus a lower energy consumption.


Pure Air is offered to the company team and to customers as a unique eye-opening experience.    Teach 

people they can improve their health by breathing.

Safer Work Environment 

Cleaner air in areas like meeting rooms where poor air quality can negatively affect the quality of the meeting means turning teams work in more efficient and productive. 

Brand Values

The companies of the future are the ones who take responsibility to leave a better world to future generations as part of their brand values.

Higher Productivity

Many scientific pieces of research show than cleaner air increases productivity. Air contaminants, in fact, travel to the brain causing brain fog.

Social and Media Buzz

Becoming a Pure Air Zone gains a lot of media coverage and social media attention. Your company will be included in the Pure Air Zone Map for everyone to know and find you.

Sustainability & CSR

By adopting U-earth technology you become part of a global project which aims to destroy tons of air pollution. Show your credits on the Pure Air Index dashboard.

commercial air purifier

Join the innovators who are changing the world.

A Brand New Form of Sustainability

Each AIRcel is equal to 276 oak trees,

in terms of pollution removal efficiency, and destroys up to 3.5 kg of contaminants per day, therefore it is easy to show the world your positive impact on the planet.

If you are looking to improve your air quality in order to be suitable for Sustainable Building Certifications which include air quality in their certification criteria, U-earth can assist you by working closely with the certification body to help you meet the requested standard.

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Some of our corporate clients:

Sustainable Workplaces

Suitable for certifications :


Fully integrated

Talk with an Air Quality Specialist which will ask some questions to better assess your specific needs.


An AIRcel only requires a plug to work. No structural changes required. If a traditional system is already in use, you will reduce your maintenance costs and will make the traditional one last longer.

In order to have a better idea of the initial conditions, our specialist might schedule a visit to the plant.


Once all the pieces of information are collected a bespoke sizing and positioning project will be issued.


AIRcel air purifiers will be installed in one day without the need for any ducting, power supply increase or masonry work.

The systems are plug-and-play and will not interfere with the working activity.


 Air Quality Monitoring will be part of the installation and will certify that the air in every pure air zone is actually always clean at safe levels.


A continuous tracking, data analysis and advanced reporting on air quality detected from our IAQ monitors will constantly keep you informed on the optimal air quality in your building.


Be part of the Pure Air Zone global project gaining public credits on the Pure Air Index dashboard for the equivalent trees and potential contaminant destruction rate performed by your AIRcels.


Book time with an

Air Quality Specialist today

We can discuss your requirements today and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your Corporate offices while enabling your company  for Building Quality Certifications and ESG scoring.  


Create a pollution-free world and offer to every human being access to pure, breathable air

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