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The war against COVID-19 has begun. 

We are committed to donating air purifiers to hospitals, creating Pure Air Zones that help minimise cross-contamination and prevent exposure to airborne pathogens.

Protect and Help.

We need your help

to protect others.

Our #WarToCovid campaign aims to assist those that are most in need.

Hospitals around the world are working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. The coronavirus is most potent in the air we breathe and it is vital that cross-contamination is kept to a minimum.

We can all help.

The U-Mask Model 2 has been created with the latest biotechnology to protect both the wearer and those who breathe in the air around them. Available to the public, part of the profit from the sales of the U-Mask Model 2 will be used to create Pure Air Zones within the healthcare industry.


As soon as the world first became aware of COVID-19, U-Earth immediately began concentrating resources on developing an effective mask.

Using cutting-edge technology, the result was the creation of a special BioLayer. Coated with an Active Principle (patent pending), the BioLayer is able to self-sanitise when it comes into contact with pathogens.

The U-Mask Model 2 utilises the BioLayer alongside a light, soft and ergonomic protective design that has a shelf life of 3 years. Comprising a reusable cover an interchangeable filter, every refill is guaranteed for 150-200 hours of use.

Your purchase will help contribute to our continued commitment to donate air purifiers to struggling hospitals and allow us to create Pure Air Zones within healthcare.

We are working with hospitals in Milan to provide any help that we can. We'll keep you updated on our progress on this page.


U-mask model2.png

Protect yourself and others.

This is the only way to fight.

Working our way towards Pure Air Zones within hospitals


Our work in hospitals aims to protect the heroic doctors and nurses working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Beginning with Milan, we are focused on creating Pure Air Zones within ER and COVID-19 wards so that both valuable hospital staff and incoming patients are less exposed to airborne pathogens and pollutants.

Even one victim is too many. We cannot afford to lose anyone and our first priority is to protect everybody within the healthcare environment.




san raffaele3.jpg
san Raffaele.png
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Target #1:

San Raffaele Hospital, Milan.

ER and COVID-19 wards.

since March 31, 2020.

Special thanks to Dr. Matteo Moro and Elena Bottinelli, CEO of San Raffaele Hospital.

Target #2:

San Giuseppe Hospital, Milan.

Obstetrician, ER and canteen areas.

since April 15, 2020.

multimedica 3 Sesto S.Giovanni.jpg

Target #3:

Sesto San Giovanni Hospital, Milan.

COVID-19 dialysis ward and visiting rooms.

since April 18, 2020.

multimedica 1 Sesto S.Giovanni.jpg
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