Pure Air

with your Guests

Make every room

a Pure Air Zone.

Good for your guests

Great for your business

Turning your space into a Pure Air Zone means

offering your guests a pollution-free environment

while you save on energy costs.

Be part of a Community

Each AIRcel 70 'AMADAHY' air purifier 'planted' in your hotel equates to the power of 276 oak trees . A forest in every room.

As a business, you are granted a badge of honour to show guests in the form of becoming an accredited Pure Air Zone. In addition, you become part of a network of innovators ready to make a difference to the planet.

Be part of a community
Rewarded by Customers


by Customers

All Pure Air Zones are displayed in an app* and categorised by sector, allowing all members of the public to discover where they can find and breathe pure air, the most precious commodity for any health-conscious customer.


*coming soon

Plug & Play

Fully integrated

Each AIRcel air purifier only requires a plug socket to work. No structural changes necessary. Simply plug and play.


If a traditional system is already in use, maintenance costs will be reduced and longevity will be enhanced.

Because Looks Matter

Every hotel has a different identity, feel and style. We know that only too well.

This is why we decided to provide bespoke covers for your AIRcel air purifier to perfectly integrate with your existing interior design.

Your AIRcel

is unique.

Just like you.

air purifier for hotel
air purification system
air purifier for hotel
air purification system
air purification

Save the World

as Part of

your Business Strategy

Turning your hotel into a Pure Air Zone means offering your employees and your customers a pollution-free environment. Your company also reduces energy consumption and joins a global project to help reduce air pollution.


Your Pure Air Index score will be displayed on your personal dashboard and can be used as part of your sustainability communications with customers.

Stay ahead of

the competition.

Becoming a Pure Air Zone gives you the benefit of being featured in the Pure Air Zone app, a map that locates each and every Pure Air Zone around the world.


Just like seeking out WiFi or a bite to eat, people can finally choose what to breathe as well. Why settle?

Set the sustainability standard for hospitality in your area.


Book time with an

Air Quality Specialist today

We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your location while enabling your hotel to improve its ESG score and qualify for Sustainable Building Certifications. 


To create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.


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