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Bring Mountain

Air to your City.

Smart Cities

with Pure Air Zones




Change the breathing experience in cities and other urban areas by creating Pure Air Zones in outdoor areas for the whole community to enjoy.

U-Earth has developed air purifiers using advanced biotechnology that allows for natural destruction of all contaminants within the air.


The result is a pure air solution from which all ages can benefit. In addition, our air purifiers have the possibility of connecting to IoT devices around the city to allow for a more automated approach to environmental wellbeing.  

City Recharging Hub

City Recharging Hub

Plug & Play

Fully integrated.

AIRcel URBAN is part of a system that includes a network of outdoor air quality sensors connected to the cloud, releasing real-time data both inside and outside of the unit's sphere of influence.


The entire system is plug and play - no structural work necessary. Able to be installed within one day, all that the air purifier requires is access to an electricity point and mains water.

improve air quality


with your


Every outdoor Pure Air Zone has been conceived as a wellness hub. An integrated 5G system is able to connect with up to 700 people in the vicinity of the air purifier, able to provide relevant content via proximity marketing as people pass by. For example, pedestrians may be invited to join a deep-breathing meditation session or be informed of future wellness events taking place within the city.

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connect with your audience


air pollution

Plant the equivalent of a forest in the heart of your high street. Turn the city centre shopping experience into a safe, relaxing, regenerating environment for customers to enjoy as they stroll among their favourite stores.

monuments protection

Slow down the ageing process of statues and paintings, and reduce maintenance costs by lowering air pollution levels inside your venue.



underground stations

Friction from trains against the rails, air ventilated into the network from above, and skin particles from passengers all contribute to pollution underground.


Minimise your citizens' exposure to dangerous levels of bacteria, particulate matter and pathogens while creating high-value advertising space to enhance city income.




Capture exhaust fumes from busy inner city traffic as well as other pollutants.

Allow children and adults alike to enjoy their parks and playgrounds, and reduce their risk of falling ill from contaminants.


sport fields

 Training in clean air is an

essential asset for any athlete.

By installing an AIRcel URBAN air purifying system, the sporting stars of tomorrow can enjoy clean air and take their health, training and performance to the next level.

Sports fields.


Book time with an

Air Quality Specialist today

We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke project to suit the needs of your city while enabling buildings to improve their ESG scores and qualify for Sustainable Building Certifications.  

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