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Pure Air Story: Redhedge

Updated: May 2

Can a financial asset management company, which we all imagine as grey and serious, help bring color back into the London air? Yes, if we are talking about a cutting-edge organisation that puts people at the centre. Such is the case at Redhedge, which has decided to embrace U-Earth's Pure Air Zone solution to improve its employees' health, wellbeing, and focus, putting itself one step ahead of the competitive landscape.

We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Aurelia Clavie, Head of PR & Marketing at Redhedge. Let's hear from his words about their Pure Air Zone experience.

Redhedge Pure Air Zone

Who’s Redhedge, in short

Founded in late 2014, Redhedge Asset Management is an FCA-regulated asset manager with headquarters in Mayfair, London. We specialize in liquid alternative relative value credit strategies in European IG Credit, with a certified track record of over eight years focusing on market neutrality. We are a fairly small, but highly efficient team. 

How’s life at the headquarters of an asset manager in London?

Life at Redhedge can get quite busy! There are always many things going on, from recording The Redhedge Podcast through to hosting client meetings. We are lucky in that we have a great team of friendly professionals. Everyone gets along really well and respects each other, which is key for a positive work environment. 

Clean air: where did the idea come from?

When we thought of clean air it was more a matter of helping us increase wellbeing at the office, especially due to the fact that we have so many active screens in the trading room so the air can feel a bit heavy. Being in central London, we were also concerned about the air quality around us. We looked at the data provided to us by U-Earth Biotech Ltd and it seemed to offer a good opportunity to not only improve the air quality in the office but also our carbon footprint. Our team was especially looking forward to a solution that would result in them catching less winter bugs!

How’s working in clean air? (very…”cool”, they say!)

Redhedge Pure Air Zone testimonial

Overall, since the AIRCel was installed, the team have felt more productive and comfortable. The office feels less stifled, as the AIRCel even releases a cool sensation. We were also happy to see that it’s very discreet, so there is no sound that could negatively impact our focus. 

How Clean Air can help offices and high mental focus activities: Redhedge Pure Air Zone.

In busy environments, where mental performance must always be at its peak, the quality of the air we breathe plays a leading role. 

Indeed, we can imagine the corporate landscape as a great game of chess, in which every move must be studied and reasoned and every mistake can cost dearly. 

Did you know, then, that recent studies have found that even a modest increase in air pollution leads to a 2.1 per cent increase in the likelihood of players making mistakes and a 10.8 per cent increase in the magnitude of errors made? 

Researchers have found that players make more and bigger mistakes when exposed to higher levels of air pollution.

In a world where focus is a prized commodity, clean air emerges as a “silent” hero in the pursuit of peak productivity and top-notch performance. The company you work for is no exception. So, as you dive into your daily tasks, remember: investing in clean air isn't just about well-being—it's about empowering you to excel at what you do best.

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