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Innocenti Evasioni: The Starry Taste of Sustainability

In the heart of the Bovisa district in Milan, there is a place that embodies the philosophy of innovation and sustainability. It's called "Innocenti Evasioni," a restaurant led by the visionary chef Tommaso Arrigoni, awarded the Michelin star in 2009. But Innocenti Evasioni is much more than a gourmet restaurant: it is an icon of innovation, and now, it is also a "Pure Air Zone."

Sustainability and taste: a new path

Moving from the exploitation of natural resources to their protection and enhancement has become mandatory. Innocenti Evasioni is at the forefront with a series of eco-friendly initiatives. From the garden with urban beekeeping to the use of A++ appliances and seasonal vegetable gardens, to the complete elimination of plastic bottles, every aspect of the restaurant is designed for the well-being not only of the customer but also of the planet. And the latest addition is the most revolutionary:

The restaurant is now a "Pure Air Zone," a space where, thanks to biotechnologies developed by U-Earth, staff and customers breathe pure air, comparable to mountain air. This is not only an improvement for the well-being of guests but also for the well-being of the staff, ensuring uninterrupted operation without compromises.

An additional ingredient: Clean Air

When it comes to health, healthy food and clean air are fundamental ingredients. With Innocenti Evasioni and Pure Air Zone, we have created a union where clean air blends with culinary art, making every bite a journey towards total well-being: for the palate, for the spirit, for the planet.

Just as Chef Tommaso Arrigoni's cuisine has evolved through more than 20 years of research, in the same way, we at U-Earth continue to improve, experiment, and innovate through cutting-edge air purification technologies.

Innocenti Evasioni believes that clean air is the "extra" ingredient for a unique and exceptional culinary experience. "Intense flavors, well-being of customers and the planet are the pillars of our recipe to be and do something special, also thanks to Pure Air Zone," says Chef Tommaso Arrigoni.

Innocenti Evasioni is therefore confirmed as a refuge for those seeking not only excellent taste but also a connection with a sustainable future.

The icing on the cake

In conclusion, Innocenti Evasioni and Pure Air Zone show us that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand with haute cuisine. An exceptional culinary experience can now also mean a healthy environment, and U-Earth is at the forefront of this revolution.



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