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What if you could enjoy clean air and
make an impact on the environment, today?

Keep employees and customers safe, improve your brand reputation and meet your ESG goals.

 What if a better world was really possible?
Breathe the Future


Much more
than an air purifier

Pure Air Zone is a global project providing people and companies with the right tools to make clean air a human right for all.


Pure Air Zone is a ‘smart air’ service, creating clean air as if you were in a pure air bubble, while decontaminating the planet and giving you credits and brand reputation for doing so.

Pure Air Zone is a bespoke solution for companies that want to shape the future of our planet, now.

Pure Air Zone
How does it work? 


The future is already here

Explore a 3D world where Pure Air Leaders are pioneers of a community of game changers

that will make pure air a new competitive standard and a human right for all, like drinkable water. 

 The leaders
have already joined

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the power of nature

U-Earth has harnessed a unique biophysical principle, molecular charge attraction to be able to attract even the smallest harmful particles. These are then digested and transformed into water via natural bio-oxidation.
IoT, cloud computing, data analytics do the rest. 

How we compare

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An award winning

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Become a Pure Air Leader

Join the community of innovators, gain competitiveness

  • Provide a safe pure air environment to your employees and customers

  • Track air quality in real time and get actionable insights based on the Pure Air Zone Index

  • Leverage your investment to fulfil your ESG, CSR, SDG and marketing goals

  • Become an ambassador for a cleaner world

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Become a Pure Air Advocate

Download the U-App and act now against pollution

  • Learn about sustainability and stay informed on levels of air pollution exposure

  • Explore mindfulness with  binaural beat meditations

  • Keep safe and find the Pure Air Zones closest to you

  • Change the world by suggesting new Pure Air Zones

  • Get rewarded and gain status for taking a stand

Extensive R&D for years

Born in 2006, U-Earth launched the Pure Air Zone B2B air service
after 12 years of research, validation, design, industrialisation, and pre-launch.
Extending its technology to consumer brands
in 2020, U-Earth developed U-Mask, a world wide selling 
first biotech face mask, now delivered in 129 countries.

The bigger project.
Purchase with a purpose.

Besides air quality services, we offer a suite of hyperhealth products, to enhance your livelihood and improve your day-to-day experience. The U-Earth store offers a selection of innovative biotech products, from masks to supplements. 100% of the proceeds are reinvested into the Pure Air Zone project. 


Pure Air 
begins with you!

We're here to help. We can discuss your requirements and provide you with a bespoke solution to suit the needs of your location.

Book a 15 to 30 mins call with an air quality specialist to learn more.


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