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Pure Air Zone for Dentists: A Comprehensive Solution for Health and Safety

In the fast-paced and close-contact environment of a dental practice, safeguarding the health of both patients and staff is paramount. Driven by a commitment to environmental well-being, some pioneering dentists have embraced the Pure Air Zone (PAZ) solution to create a healthier and safer atmosphere within their dental studios.

Why should a dentist deal with air quality?

We have to imagine the dentist's office as an operating theatre. And indeed, sterilisation is a well-established practice.

But if the doctor uses a mask to remain safe...the patient is literally open-mouthed: are we sure that a mask is enough?

But that's not all: several patients pass through the waiting room, talking about an ideal place for contagions, meet: Cross contamination.

And if the air outside these days is not great to say the least,  once the door is closed the problem becomes even worse, meet: Indoor air pollution.

Here perhaps sterilising the instruments is not enough.

But here’s the silver lining, a valid solution exists, and some pioneers have already implemented it successfully!

Pioneers: Pure Air Dental Studios

Let's see how two dentists operating in Milan solved the problem.

Ritzmann's Testimonial: PAZ for Enhanced Air Quality

While surfing the web, Dr. Ritzmann encountered a captivating solution to enhance air quality—the U-Earth Bioreactor, whose name, you should probably know, is Aircel.

Recognizing its potential, he contemplated integrating it into his Milan waiting room, a crucial point of patient interaction.

In the bustling city with prevalent external pollution, the aim was to combat it within the patient environment, especially amid the ongoing COVID situation. Elevating air quality for the protection of both practitioners and clients proved to be an intriguing solution.

The impeccable air quality in the waiting room is deemed vital for the well-being of patients and practitioners.

Confidently recommending it to colleagues, he draws from positive feedback, highlighting the newfound experience of breathing clean, pleasant, and healthy air for both staff and patients. In the efficiency-focused realm of private practice, the contribution of good air quality to a conducive working environment cannot be overstated.

Dr. Curtarello's Pure Air Zone Dental Studio: A Pioneer in Environmental Dentistry

As he told us in this video, shot after his first months with Pure Air Zone.

"My foremost concern has consistently been to safeguard not only the health of our patients but also that of my employees. I discovered the U-Earth Pure Air Zone solution, as well as U-Mask, that share the same biotech and nature-based philosophy: I wanted to try them both right away."

Dr. Curtarello's unwavering faith in our technology has led him to integrate the Pure Air Zone suite into his practice for over 3 years. And after those three years, he added another chapter to his Pure Air Story: U-Lamp.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination: U-Lamp

Dentists face continuous exposure to microbiological threats, making the mitigation of cross-contamination a top priority. The U-Lamp, the latest addition to the Pure Air Zone suite, addresses this concern effectively. 

The special “filter” with which U-Lamp is equipped traps and shields radiation that damages skin and eyes, allowing only non-damaging wavelengths to pass through, to neutralise viruses and bacteria with no harm to people.

U-Lamp is a latest-generation germicidal lamp, safe for the skin, that safely and directly sanitises air, objects, and surfaces of an environment, even in the presence of people, making spaces safe again.

U-Lamp, which exploits a particular frequency of UV radiation (UVC at 222 nm) and a protective filter, is effective against viruses, bacteria, mould, and other sources of contamination.

Holistic Commitment to Safety and Well-being

What are the benefits for the dentist?

  • Ensures dentist safety

  • Enhances safety for administrative staff

  • Enables the practice to remain open at all times

  • Provides protection for patients

  • Positively impacts the environment

What about the Features?

  • Plug-and-play solution for ease of use

  • No need for filter replacements

  • Simple management

  • Completely natural functionality

  • Space-saving design

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the plug-and-play approach of Pure Air Zone, along with the advanced technology of U-Lamp, represents an excellent combination of safety and well-being, especially in dental studios, where cross-contamination is almost inevitable.

Thanks to these innovative solutions, dentists can provide their patients with an environment free of contaminants, promoting a feeling of freshness and freedom—all in line with the biotechnological and nature-based philosophy of Pure Air Zone.

In a context where health and safety are top priorities, these technologies emerge as reliable allies in pursuing the mission of ensuring maximum safety and well-being for everyone entering their dental practices.



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