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Sporting Milano 3 is a Pure Air Zone - Pure Air Stories

Sporting Milano 3 is now a Pure Air Zone, all club members will enjoy a unique service: a new air quality standard, allowing members to work out and achieve increased performance while breathing clean, safe air.

Sporting Milano 3 is a lifestyle, not a gym.

If you’re thinking of a traditional gym, a dark, sweaty space- you couldn’t be more wrong. A stone’s throw from Milan, surrounded by green space, Sporting offers a 360 degrees wellness experience, combining sport activities, fitness, health and fun events tailored for all ages. They firmly believe this new modern concept will be the future for large sport clubs and that air quality must take a central role in this transformation.

Is air quality important for athletic performance?

What are the benefits of Pure Air Zone for athletes?

Sporting Milano 3 is not only a place where you can train and improve your wellbeing, it’s also a home for champions and competitive teams in various sports. The quality of air athletes breathe has a significant effect on performance. Thus, providing a pure air bubble, a place where people know what they are breathing is safe, makes the training experience more enjoyable, as well as improving overall performance for athletes.

Sporting Milano 3 is taking action, now, to concretely improve global air quality levels

What are the benefits of Pure Air Zone for Sporting Milano 3?

Obviously, people are concerned with air pollution levels in big cities such as Milan. Sporting Milano 3 decided to take action, and participate in the battle for clean air. Pure Air Zone is not only a net-zero impact technology, but is a solution to decontaminate outdoor air. The larger the global network of Pure Air Zones, the larger the positive impact on global pollution levels. We can only truly make a difference by working together, and Sporting Milano 3 has decided to become a pioneer in the battle against climate change in sports clubs.

Pure Air is a competitive advantage, allowing brands to increase visibility, brand reputation and promotion.

What does “sport'' truly mean for Sporting Milano 3?

As we previously stated, Sport is not a simple activity, but a lifestyle. This is what underpins Sporting Milano’s vision. With the help of their champions, Sporting aims to inspire people, by showing them how sport can be a way to meet new people, build relationships- and enjoy their time while doing it. Clearly, clean air plays a fundamental role in improving overall health and wellness.

If you are interested in installing your very own Pure Air Zone and contributing to bring a new air quality standard in the sports club world, book a meeting with a Pure Air Zone specialist and find out how you can start making a difference today.

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