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Resetting the Standard for Sustainable Events with Reset Connect

Reset Connect London – the UK's largest sustainability ecosystem and green investment event and flagship event of London Climate Action Week – sees thousands of exhibitors and visitors come together to collaborate, spread awareness and take action for the planet. But how is their co-founder Rich setting a new standard for events in the UK? Find out here.

We first came across Reset Connect last year, after partnering with the event to turn three conference areas into Pure Air Zones using our suite of products for the duration of the event. The level of passion, motivation and collaboration we felt from everyone we spoke to was incredible, and we came away with a lot of new things to think about.

Following this success, Reset Connect’s offices have now also turned into a Pure Air Zone. We met up with Rich there last year to talk about the reason behind Reset Connect and what he hopes to achieve with not only these pivotal events, but offering clean air to its visitors and now his own employees.

To kick things off, Rich spoke about the driving force behind Reset Connect, saying, "We came up with Reset Connect as a way to help the sustainability ecosystem. That ecosystem needs somewhere to come together at scale to address the climate challenges that we all face. Existentially, it’s a massive part of the future of the planet, of the business landscape, of our families." It's clear that for Rich, sustainability is a personal passion as well as a professional pursuit. He added, "Knowing I’m doing everything I can do in a professional capacity to ensure a liveable planet for my family and future generations is the personal driver behind Reset Connect."

But what makes Reset Connect stand out from other sustainability events? Rich credits the similarities between what both sides of the partnership are attempting to achieve, saying, "U-Earth’s mission is massively synergistic with what we’re trying to do at Reset Connect. From the outset, we want to be a sustainable business as much as we are an event organiser." Solutions to save the planet cannot take place in a vacuum, which is why collaborations like this mean so much more. Seeking companies who not only understand the message you’re trying to convey but want to help more people get behind it and take action will be the driving force behind creating true change for the planet.

But can events ever really be sustainable? Rich believes that the key is in the details, and one small but important detail is clean air. He noted, "Ensuring that you offer clean air shouldn’t just be a couple of days a year when you run the event. If there’s an opportunity to offer that out to your business premises, then why wouldn’t you do it?"

The presence of a Pure Air Zone at events like Reset Connect not only helps to spread awareness of the importance of clean air, but it also allows attendees to feel safer knowing that they are being provided with clean air to breathe. And with Reset Connect's commitment to sustainability, it's clear that they are leading the way in creating truly planet-friendly events.

Are you ready to level up your company's sustainability and provide clean air to everyone who visits you? Let's talk.



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