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GSIC chooses Pure Air Zone to surf the waves of the air pollution challenge!

Bringing clean air into cities is a huge challenge. But, just like riding a difficult wave when you're surfing, it's all about finding the right surfboard. That's why GSIC chose the Pure Air Zone solution.

Who is GSIC?

The Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft is a non-profit association that aims to bring digital transformation to the sports entities all over the world by facilitating synergies, creating an ecosystem of companies in the sport field.

And since they are an expression of technological innovation themselves, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they chose to adopt the Pure Air Zone technology by U-Earth at their Innovation Centre in Madrid. A cutting edge solution, to be at the forefront of innovation, to ride the waves of sustainable development.

Immediately feeling the benefits

Becoming more sustainable and choosing solutions perceived as good for the environment is often seen as a very long journey, where the improvements are almost impossible to see, feel and touch. But, as GSIC understands, when you become a Pure Air Zone, the impact is almost immediate, which leads to a host of business benefits.

Ensuring the best environment for employees and visitors

Creating a clean air environment allows all visitors to feel safer, more looked after and instils stronger trust between them and the business. As Guillermo Marin Díaz-Guardamino – HQ Office and Services Director – says, “It’s kind of cool how I can now measure how clean the air that we have in the office is, not just for me but also for the safety of our employees. It’s amazing!”

Become more productive

There are a host of studies that link clean air to a clearer, more focused mind. As Sofiya - Sofiya Goncharova, Head of Communications & Public Affairs - says, “I’m also thankful for the opportunity of breathing probably the cleanest air in the city, I feel like my productivity has increased.”

Be seen as an innovator in sustainability

Pure Air Zone is a unique solution, combining biotechnology and communication tools, to create awareness within and outside companies that are acting on climate change and people's wellbeing. And sport can be a great catalyst to showcase this.

To be a place where people can actually see and test solutions, not only discussing them,” Sofiya tells us,it’s very important for us, to be able to be a facilitator of what technology can do for sports.”

Raise awareness

Becoming a Pure Air Zone not only reduces a business’s environmental impact on the planet, but it can be a great talking point to raise awareness of the air pollution issue and how technologies are working to reduce it. Iris, the GSIC’s General Manager says, “At the GSIC we have been working very persistently throughout the past year with an aim to enhance process and detect solutions that would address sustainability and reduce the impact that sports produce on the environment.

Our goal is to help sports organisations to prioritise sustainability by not only reducing their environmental impact but also contributing to the overall health and well-being of the planet. That’s why we are proud of our strategic partnership with U-Earth, and we are confident that together with all our ecosystem we can raise more awareness on this topic and find real solutions to the challenges related to it.”

Pure Air and Sport: how do they link together?

It’s quite straightforward. To be able to perform at your best, to become a champion, you have to be on top of your game in every aspect. What you eat and drink as well as how you train and recover really makes the difference.

But we often forget an important part of the equation – what you breathe. Pure air is a very important asset, for your health and wellbeing. It can help to maximise your performance and put you one step ahead of the competition.

Keep track of your progress with Pure Air Zone

In sports, monitoring your performance to see where you can improve and how far you’ve come is a fundamental part of succeeding; that’s the same idea behind the Pure Air Zone solution.

You can always check the quality of the air you’re breathing, thanks to a simple score system on a monitor called Sensor-X that gives you real-time results: like an air quality traffic light.

So from your employees, to guests and athletes, everyone can always be sure that they are literally in a Pure Air Zone, where they can perform safely and with a clear mind.

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