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Say goodbye to cross-contamination with the power of UVCs: U-Lamp is here

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The world cannot afford to stop again. However, with the flu still keeping thousands at home, new variants circulating, and pollution continuing to claim millions of lives, the threat of widespread slowdowns looms large. So how can we safely bring workers, students, and children back into common spaces without exposing them to unnecessary risk? We can finally break free from the constraints of lockdown and reclaim our shared spaces with confidence: U-Lamp is here! An ultra-innovative technology that in some ways is the oldest: light. Read on to discover more.

Should we reimagine the workspace in the New Normal?

Venice. Early 15th century. Thick fog, high humidity, gloomy days. The republican institutions determined that all ships had to undergo a period of 40 days of isolation to ensure they weren’t carrying disease.

600 years later, we still battle against pathogens and bacteria present in the air, on surfaces, and on our skin.

Cross-contamination – which is when pathogens are transferred from one surface or person to another – is no longer a problem that occurs in hospitals. Cross contamination is everywhere.

When a team of specialised workers goes to their factory to produce, let’s say, shoes and they come back with the flu, that’s cross-contamination that badly affects productivity. But also think about essential workers like those who deliver your parcels: say goodbye to your parcels, if an entire team gets ill. Or…imagine if the kids at the nursery get RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus): make sure you have a babysitter on call.

From the perspective of a business owner, in what is called “The New Normal” any leader is probably handling people's health and safety with a different caution.

This is a wise practice, as the employee sentiment is clear: according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 66% of employees reported feeling anxious about returning to the workplace. Harvard Business Review found that nearly 50% of the workers surveyed reported feeling less safe in the office than before the pandemic.

Business continuity is just one reason why reimagining workspaces to preserve people’s health is a must. Employee satisfaction and retention, talent acquisition, and productivity are others.

If you are a business, clean air is a business challenge

How important is it for companies that workers are well? How valuable is it for professional teams that athletes can perform at their peak? How crucial is it for science that researchers work at their optimal focus level?

In 2023 these issues have become topical, and we found out that all these issues are related not only to viruses but also to growing pollution problems. We also figured out that breathing clean air, every day, is as important as eating nutritious food and drinking good water.

That’s maybe one of the few positive heritages of the pandemic. Awareness. A higher concern for worker’s health that all our partners and customers are sharing with us.

And that pushed us to expand our research on the UV technology field to come up with a new solution.

Combatting Germs in Crowded Spaces: Introducing U-Lamp

Imagine a lamp that kills bacteria and viruses and sanitises hands in seconds. A new generation device that, unlike traditional UVC light products, can be effectively used in the presence of people, killing pathogens in the air as soon as it’s exhaled before it can reach other people. This is also true for objects in the room that are continuously sanitised, avoiding cross-contamination as they are passed to one another. There’s no need to imagine. U-Lamp is finally here, to help you fight against cross-contamination.

How is that possible? You might have heard that UVC rays are effective on pathogens, yet dangerous for the skin: that’s why traditional UVC solutions are typically used in the absence of people. Here’s where U-Lamp is different and innovative: a unique screen blocks all dangerous radiation (which can be potentially harmful to eyes and skin), ensuring that only “the good” UVC rays pass through, making them effective on pathogens but safe for humans.

This feature is a game-changer since the highest cross-contamination peak occurs right when the contaminated aerosol exits our mouth and spreads in the room. So it needs to be addressed at the source, the reason why we all wore masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Waiting rooms of healthcare facilities, company meeting rooms and open spaces, event venues, schools, and public offices: where people get together, typically people-to-people and cross-contamination contamination occur. There is where U-Lamp can help: combatting germs exchange in crowded spaces.

Complete your air quality strategy with U-Lamp

But there’s much more than viruses and bacteria. Pollution kills as much. If your body is soaked with air pollution contaminants it will be more prone to fall sick when exposed to a virus. Therefore to be able to come back to our everyday lives, the clean air topic has to be approached at 360 degrees.

That’s why we inserted U-Lamp as the perfect complement to the Pure Air Zone Suite, which provides organisations with clean air as a service for optimal and total air quality management. The solution does not limit to equipment and its installation but includes other premium services such as air IoT quality monitoring, real-time data visualisation, periodic reporting, and marketing support, giving your company a “status” that is based on an entire suite of products.

If you love being able to feel safe everywhere you go, then we love to make you able to do it, in every Pure Air Zone. Find the closest one to you or help make it happen by downloading the Pure Air Zone App here.

Curious about U-Lamp? Learn more about it here.



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