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Lift Your Spirit: The Triumph - U-Earth Collaboration Event

Triumph U-Earth Collaboration

Skincare and lingerie: guess what they have in common? You have the chance to discover about it on Saturday, May 11th, in Milan, at the Triumph Lingerie Store, at the event that initiates a new collaboration between Triumph and U-Earth.

It is well established that wellness is a holistic concept, embracing both the health of the body and the health of the mind. A principle that Triumph and U-Earth share to such an extent that they have begun a new collaboration, sealed by “Lift Your Spirit.” An event that aims to enhance the uniqueness of each individual by offering products and services that not only improve your outward appearance, but also your inner well-being and the awareness that you are special and unique.

Uniqueness, Holistic Wellness and Technology: the Values We Share

The collaboration between Triumph and U-Earth stems from the idea that every individual is unique and special, and that everyone deserves full self-affirmation, of which physical and mental well-being are prerequisites. 

This idea inspired a new generation of smart products - smart also in how technology is used - and that aim not only to improve physical comfort, but also to invigorate the spirit, allowing each person to feel at their best. 

Products such as the Lift Smart lingerie line, by Triumph, or such as Rebirth and Resurrection, by U-Earth, a biomimetic skincare treatment that, thanks to epigenetics, acts in a personalized way on the specific needs of each person's skin.

Parthership Triumph U-Earth

Lift Your Spirit: All the Details About the Event

What's in store for you. Since “Lift Your Spirit” is not only an event, a philosophy, but a way of conceiving next-generation smart products, we have thought of a path for you to discover them altogether.

At the store in Piazza Cordusio, a free consultation by a beauty expert awaits you: also thanks to an artificial intelligence application, she will help you understand the particularities of your skin.

We have then prepared* a goodie bag of U-Earth Store products so that you can try them out.

Finally, you'll be able to meet the U-Earth Store team, who designed these products - we are there to fulfill all your curiosities. In addition to all this, there will be a surprise from Triumph.

So we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 11th, at the Lingerie Store in Milan - Piazza Cordusio, Via San Prospero, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., for a unique experience that will make you feel...lifted!

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