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U-Lamp, the Ultimate Antiviral Light

Are you a business caring for your team’s health, safety and happiness? If yes, stop here, get a coffee and read more about U-Lamp: an unmissable chance to keep your workplace safe with last generation germicidal light technology.

U-Lamp, the latest add-on to the Pure Air Zone suite

U-Lamp is a current generation, cutting-edge, safe-on-the-skin, germicidal light (UVC at 222 nm) that - an alternative to traditional UV technologies - safely, directly sanitises air and surfaces in a room while people are in it, making common spaces safe again. Active on Sars-Cov-2 and other harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, etc. It is safe and effective as a people-to-people contamination prevention tool.

How U-Lamp works, leveraging a special screen

It has long been known that UV rays have the capability to destroy pathogens, but the counter effects used to be severe: that’s why traditional UVC lamps have been used to sanitise surfaces without the presence of people.

Here’s the news: the special screen that the U-Lamp is equipped with allows you to trap and shield radiation that is harmful to the skin and the eyes while letting only non-harmful wavelengths through.

The result? U-Lamp directly offsets the bacterial/viral load in the air at the moment in which it is exhaled, preventing bystanders from inhaling contaminated air. It also directly and continuously sanitises objects and surfaces, e.g. a pen, a mobile phone, and money passed from one hand to the other.

Where should you use it? Use cases are many

Fields of use are countless. Typically utilised in hospitals and healthcare contexts to fight cross-contamination, UV-light use cases range from operating theatres and facilities such as schools, offices, waiting rooms, hotels, and conference rooms to the food sector, where the effect reaches/extends to products on the shelf. Company offices are another ideal use case: think for example of company meeting rooms or coworking spaces, where people typically gather. Manufacturers are also excited about it as U-Lamp is a useful technology to preserve business continuity.

U-Lamp Benefits

Here is what our customers liked about U-Lamp.

  • Prevent contamination from Covid-19 and other infections through directly acting on aerosols

  • Improve your employees’ and customers’ perception about indoor air quality in your spaces

  • Minimise environmental impact – the technology is eco-friendly, excludes the use of chemicals and residues, and has no ozone emissions

  • Save energy – U-Lamp is sensor activated and therefore automatically switches on only when needed

  • Use the set up you prefer according to the specific needs of your Pure Air Zone

  • Give a boost to the AIRcel in very crowded circumstances and use cases

U-Lamp Features

Here are some key functions: feel free to reach us for more information.

  • Neutralises more than 97% of microbes in the air enhancing the overall AIRcel efficiency

  • It automatically activates in the presence of people thanks to a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor

  • You can mount it on the wall, in the ceiling or use a support (coming soon!) to make it into a free-standing floor lamp

  • Ozone free: It does not have any negative impact on the environment

  • Includes a replaceable bulb that lasts for up to 11,000 hours

  • It is connected through IoT to the Pure Air Zone Dashboard together with other U-Earth products

5 Questions you might ask

How does U-Lamp differ from other UV lights?

Traditional UV lights are either used inside other ventilation equipment, so they don’t directly act on air, people, or objects, or they are used to sanitise things directly but not on the air or people. U-Lamp uses a unique, cutting-edge technology that leverages the power of radiation in a safe way with an effect on the space in its sphere of influence.

Is U-Lamp effective on COVID-19?

Yes, this is why it can be considered a tool to prevent people-to-people infection and, as a consequence, to safeguard business continuity and employee safety.

How do you know the U-Lamp is effective and not harmful?

Optical radiation is harmless if one follows some simple rules related to distance and exposure time. U-Lamp is tested and CE-certified. It is the result of a scientific validation and testing process. Validations are available on-demand, under NDA.

Is U-Lamp a medical device?

No. U-Lamp is an air purifier specialised in the sanitation of bacteria, viruses, and moulds.

What are the dimensions of U-Lamp and how much does it weigh?

U-Lamp is 79 mm in width, 73 mm in height, and 730,00 mm in length and it weighs 2 kg and at the moment it has a white finish.

Can I buy U-Lamp stand alone?

Not at the moment. We designed it as part of the Pure Air Zone suite because we believe in a 360° approach to total air quality management that should include the entire suite of products and services, not only the lamp that is specialised against viruses and bacteria.

Want to know more about U-Lamp? Contact us.



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