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Pure Air Story, Men At Code: A Love Story

Men At Code, a Milan-based software, application and website development company, member of W Group and involved in the development of major web applications, met Pure Air Zone. As in the most classic of novels, we retrace the stages of this story together.

We had a chat with Alessandro Noè, CEO of Men At Code.

Men at Code and Clean Air: How Did They Meet?

"Air quality was never a problem for us, or rather: we never perceived it as such, until suddenly, a problem actually presented itself – people safe when they return to the office. No small task, given that our office is 'inhabited' by as many as 20 people."

This is how it all came about, a chance encounter, not sought after.

How Did You Manage to 'Decode' the Air Quality Problem?

"At first it was not easy to figure it out" - so they tell us.

“Firstly, for those who have never dealt with it, air quality management presents itself as a problem rather than an opportunity. This is partly due to complex systems that are difficult to install and maintain."

"Then there is the issue of control: how to detect that something is wrong? And finally, how do you leverage this kind of investment in favour of your brand and sustainability strategies? In short: not just like buying a fan!”


“Secondly, we ran into a further hurdle: finding someone specialised, experienced in the subject and who could adapt their services to our specific context: the number of people, the neighbourhood in which we are located, the actual use of space... the presence of plants (I love them!) but also servers, monitors and other devices.”

One thing, however, was certain: the company wanted to keep its people safe, because people are the heart of a service company. Suddenly, clean air really became a need.

And Then a Stroke of Lightning, Pure Air Zone. Tell Us.

"Entering several Pure Air Zones, I noticed how the air was indeed different. Like a bolt of lightning, I was immediately enthusiastic. Pure Air Zone seemed at once to be the answer to all requirements: simplicity, control, adaptability and visitability. In short, the joining of all the dots."

And When Did Pure Air Zone Become Something More?

"If in the beginning Pure Air Zone finally prevented windows being opened to change the air, it later became something more. Being part of the Pure Air Zone project began to create a sense of belonging."

In What Way?

"Becoming a Pure Air Zone makes you feel part of a community with a big vision where you really are part of a change."

"Turning the planet into a place where everyone can breathe clean air seemed to us something truly exceptional and something to be proud of."

A Story With a Happy Ending, Then?

"Pure Air Zone is much more than an air purification solution. It is a platform of services that aim to make clean air a commodity, a common good, for everyone."

"Being a Pure Air Zone makes you feel special because it espouses a cause, that of breathing clean air, all the time".

Considering the quote with which Alessandro Noè greeted us, we can answer the question and conclude with a yes.

To learn more about why clean air is a competitive advantage for any business, check out this white paper and discover how to stay one step ahead while saving the planet.

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