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The Fool becomes a Pure Air Zone - Pure Air Stories

The Fool has just become a Pure Air Zone, with a specific idea in mind: showing their customers and employees that the company really cares about them, their health and their well being. That’s why they decided to invest in the most valuable asset: clean air.

The Fool: a data driven company, looking for data driven air quality standard

“Don’t Be Fooled By Data”

This funny slogan in the website of The Fool perfectly introduces what the company really does. Being a company that specialises in data management, The Fool helps create working and effective strategies to build and strengthen digital reputation. Easier said than done, since their work combines strategic marketing, data analysis, web listening and monitoring.

Two challenges: employees safety and climate action

It’s well known that the pandemic shocked and also “stopped” the world for a while, but it also has changed the way we all look at certain things forever. When the world started moving again, The Fool began to look at the topic of air quality with different eyes, focusing on their offices in the heart of Milan. An office in the city centre, 1 minute from the train station, is convenient for relationship building, but it’s not really ideal when it comes to air quality and well being.

That's why they decided to take action and have a significant impact on two levels.

  1. Ensuring the safety of their workers (and customers!) and to facilitate their return to work to a “normal life”

  2. Contributing to the safety of the whole planet. A small step that, they wish, will be an example for many others, to walk together on the road against climate change

The solution: data, again!

They felt aligned to U-Earth, and it couldn’t have been any different. Just like they do at The Fool, U-Earth’s Pure Air Zone solution is data driven and air quality management is always based on metrics and measurements. We both believe that when you make decisions based on data, they are always going to be good decisions.

So The Fool has become a Pure Air Zone, applying the technology in their main spaces.

5 AIRCel bioreactors and 3 U-Monitors have been set up, always monitoring the air quality and providing clean air, enabling them to always check air quality on a dedicated dashboard.

They now also enjoy the benefits of being in the new U-App, giving them exposure by showing to every user their position on the map, what they do and, last but not least, that they belong to the Pure Air Leaders community, to the benefit of their brand.

Taking climate action requires courage, but it delivers benefits

We still see that executives are often reluctant to place sustainability at the core of their company’s business strategy in the mistaken belief that the costs outweigh the benefits. On the contrary, The Fool has trusted the clean air revolution and believes that embedded sustainability efforts clearly result in a positive impact on business performance. In their case, at two levels.

Benefit 1: A bold statement: “we care”

Becoming a Pure Air Zone not only ensures safety and serenity for all employees.

It’s also a statement, a way of saying that the company really cares about all the people working there. Furthermore, becoming a Pure Air Zone shows that The Fool also cares for their customers when visiting the offices, and for the planet.

Benefit 2: Being the protagonist, not the viewer.

Becoming a Pure Air Zone is not only about looking at the inside of the company, but also at the outside.

The CEO has very clear thoughts and feelings about this: it is now the time to act, otherwise all the damages related to pollution are going to be paid by the future generations. Salvatore Pugliese shared a beautiful thought. “[Climate disaster] is not something that I want to be part of; I want to be part of the change.”

As Salvatore says, it’s time to stop watching the movie, get up from the seat, and really start being the Pure Air Hero of the air purification story.

Would you like to become the next Pure Air Hero?

Book a meeting with our Pure Air Zone specialist, to keep the revolution going.

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