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Prema Racing Is Now a Pure Air Zone

Prema Racing, the Italian motorsport team, has revved up its sustainability efforts by becoming a Pure Air Zone. This latest partnership is a steer towards greening the industry while ensuring the health of their team.

Driving Maximum Performance With Clean Air

When it comes to racing, performance is everything. But being the best is only possible if your health is at its optimum level. For this reason, the health of Prema’s drivers is not only a top priority but a huge asset to the team. Without it, their performance could suffer.

The air we breathe is directly linked to the health of our bodies. So it makes perfect sense why Prema would want to take care of this vital element and make it the best it can be for their drivers.

By becoming a Pure Air Zone, Prema is providing decontaminated air to its team using our range of air purification solutions. Through this step, the team has been able to race, win and enjoy the championship knowing that the air they’re breathing is clean.

“Driving performance – but more in terms of recovery and jet lag and travelling and all of it – it’s just better to definitely breathe cleaner air, in general.”

As part of this new partnership, we visited the Prema team's Pure Air Zone and spoke to Rene Rosin – Team Principal of Prema Racing– and two Prema Racing F2 Drivers & Red Bull Junior Team Drivers, Jehan Daruvala and Dennis Hauger.

Watch the full Pure Air Zone story here:

Racing to Make F1 Fully Sustainable

It’s not a secret that Formula1 isn’t currently the most eco-friendly sport in the world, emitting over 250,000 tons of CO2 per season. But teams like Prema recognise this and are taking the right turns to help F1 reach the ambitious goal of becoming net-carbon zero by 2030.

Investing in initiatives such as Pure Air Zone will drive these plans forward, so that future generations can enjoy this amazing sport. While air pollution is a small part of the sustainability equation, it is an extremely important part. But we’ve no doubt that with the combined efforts of other ESG initiatives, F1 will reach the finish line on a safer, greener future.

To learn more about why clean air is a competitive advantage for any business, check out this white paper and discover how to stay one step ahead while saving the planet.



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