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Erretre is now a Pure Air Zone, adding another step in its path to environmental sustainability. The company is now on U-App, able to be seen by anyone who wishes to find out more on how to decontaminate the planet and start making an impact themselves for a more sustainable future.

Erretre is a Pure Air Zone

Who is Erretre?

Formed in 1974, Erretre is a tanning company producing cutting-edge machines, which are able to revolutionise and redefine the tanning processes for treatment and transformation of leather for the textiles industry. The company understands all tanning processes by combining the most recent technologies with the know-how acquired in more than 40 years of experience. Most importantly, when creating new products they follow a far more important principle: reducing environmental impact for a more sustainable future.

Erretre becomes a Pure Air Hero

A new challenge: Sustainable innovation

Working in the tanning industry, Erretre knows that it has a large environmental impact. Nevertheless the company is committed to a program for reducing it; for example, the Ecotan project ensures 80% lower emissions and 30% less chemical waste when compared to other methodologies. Alongside this comes the collaboration with U-Earth, providing a new tool for environmental impact reduction through the creation of pure air.

Pure Air Zone in Erretre

“If you look at the top of the mountain from the foot, it seems unreachable. But step by step, you can reach the top”. This is how Erretre’s journey to sustainability started, with the knowledge that reaching the top of the ‘mountain’ is not an immediate result, but rather a path, according to Erretre CEO Antonio Galliotto. Becoming a Pure Air Zone is part of this journey, which includes: installing air purifiers and sensors in the form of AIRcel and U-Monitor and promoting the brands as a Pure Air Leader as part of the U-App, by which other businesses can become inspired.

Pure Air - a right for all

It has been said that investing money in pure air is a form of luxury. But as Antonio Galliotto notes, “Luxury is something you do exclusively for someone. Pure Air is something you do for everyone”. We couldn’t have found better words to say it. In order to hear more from Antonio, please watch the video below to learn more about why Erretre came on board to become a Pure Air Zone:

To sum up, becoming a Pure Air Zone provides an excellent return on investment for any company for these key reasons:

  • A healthier environment for everybody in the office including staff and visitors;

  • Real-time measuring of air quality, which ensures the ability to take countermeasures if necessary;

  • Being able to report on the impact that the company has had on sustainability;

  • Gaining visibility in the U-App, which collates all Pure Air Zones, and sees a featured company qualify as being innovative, investing in a worldwide project for decontamination of the planet.

It is hugely gratifying to have Erretre become a Pure Air Zone. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Pure Air Zone, book a meeting with a U-Earth air quality specialist today.

U-Earth Pure Air White Paper

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