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Why Next-Gen Air Purification Requires Bio-Monitoring

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

When we think of traditional air ventilation and air purification, we tend to think of large, sometimes noisy vents through which purposeful action stars can crawl to safety or gain an advantage against the bad guys ruining their day. But air filtration has come a long way in the last twenty years, especially when it comes to bio-monitoring. Here’s why your next air purification system should focus on this requirement.

There was a phrase at the start of 2020 which numerous governments liked to say - ‘nobody could have predicted this pandemic’. The SARS-CoV-2 particles which spread via air and other touch points to infect people with Covid-19 was certainly dangerous but to say that the pandemic wasn’t predictable is a fallacy of sorts. Although the world hadn’t seen anything like the Spanish Flu since 1918-1920, there had been vast numbers of threats to humanity via an influenza pandemic numerous times, including:

  • Asian flu - 1957-58

  • Hong Kong flu - 1968-69

  • Russian flu - 1977-79

  • H1N1/09 ‘swine’ flu - 2009-10

Those in the western world can consider themselves lucky that they managed to avoid anything to the scale of Covid-19 until now; the threat has always been lurking in the background with the likes of China perhaps proving more adept at fighting the current virus because of their experiences in recent years. The nation moved fast to enforce restrictions while masks were quickly adorned by citizens. Contrast that response with Europe and North America, where governments appeared somewhat blasé about the threat, and the correlation between cases is clear.

Knowing that AIRcel air purifying bioreactors could be useful in a pandemic, U-Earth immediately provided a number of units to hospitals across Milan, using the unique research opportunity to develop a rapid antigen test - U-Alert - through which users of an AIRcel can test their system to see if SARS-CoV-2 has been present within the environment.

Although U-Alert only works on SARS-CoV-2 particles there is the possibility that the same biotechnology can be used in future pandemics, as other viruses arise. In this way, businesses and individuals will be able to maintain control over their workforce and take steps to mitigate the impact of future outbreaks, especially with research from the CDC highlighting how much more of a factor airborne transmission is than simply touching surfaces.

It is simply not enough to allow traditional ventilation and air purification systems to continue their filtering when other dangers may arise. U-Earth’s solution provides this peace of mind for customers and with 47% of surveyed restaurant-goers noting that an air quality rating system would help them to choose one venue over another, businesses - especially in hospitality - definitely need to think more about their air quality.

To add to this idea, U-Earth is working on building a community to take air purification to the next level. Pure Air Zones will be able to advertise their location on a map, thereby increasing footfall for those who want to breathe clean air within their local area. Considering the World Health Organisation note that up to 90% of people live in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits, this is a superb selling point for any business.

If you are interested in your business becoming a Pure Air Zone and benefitting from bio-monitoring via rapid antigen testing, please click here to learn more.



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