U-Alert: Detect the Virus before it's too late

Updated: Mar 4

For over a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for businesses. With U-Alert, it is now possible for companies to control the pandemic and to detect the virus within their environment before it’s too late. This blog examines how.

A real turning point in regaining control of your business

U-Alert is the new add-on to the U-Earth suite: an effective protocol that informs its user within fifteen minutes if SARS-CoV-2 particles have been detected within their environment. How do you know if a workplace is as safe as possible? How do you find out if people working in a certain area have come into contact with the virus? U-Alert takes care of it. When combined with a Pure Air Zone, any space featuring a U-Earth air purifying bioreactor, U-Alert is a powerful tool to certify the quality of the air and raise the alarm in case of virus contamination, putting businesses in control when it comes to the safety of their workplace.

Why U-Alert is Needed

One of the main reasons that the virus has been able to proliferate throughout the world’s population is because it affected many people in completely different ways. Although some found themselves sick and even died from COVID-19, many others are asymptomatic and have no reason to believe themselves ill when carrying the virus around with them. Most have symptoms that are somewhere in between. Unfortunately a virus does not discriminate and anybody who unknowingly has COVID-19 may unfortunately pass on their ailment, thereby causing the pandemic to worsen.

It is only when people get tested that they can be sure they have the virus and by then it can often be too late. They may have already visited the shops or headed into the office, unknowingly exposing co-workers and other members of the public to their illness. The problem doesn’t clear when they leave either with some surfaces staying contaminated for over 48 hours afterwards. It is clear that a solution needed to be found and while the vaccine is an exciting and important step, many won’t be vaccinated for months. U-Earth has taken steps to help halt the virus in its tracks.

U-Alert - Enhance the Safety of your Environment

U-Alert is a rapid specific antigen test kit designed for use with U-Earth bioreactors. The test came about during extensive testing in a real life environment; thirty U-Earth bioreactors were placed in four hospitals in Northern Italy during the height of the pandemic during the early months of 2020. The significant results of the study were recently published and showed that U-Earth’s bioreactors were able to capture and neutralise SARS-CoV-2 particles. The highlights from the study can be read in our recent blog post.

Extremely easy to use, any company that is a Pure Air Zone can simply place water from their bioreactor onto the test. After following the instructions and waiting for fifteen minutes, the U-Alert will let them know whether SARS-CoV-2 has been detected within their machine. If it has, the client is able to quickly inform anybody who has recently shared a room with the bioreactor, thereby lessening the probability of the virus spreading. For further confirmation, the client may also send their test results to U-Earth’s laboratory to corroborate the findings.

From the Classroom to the Office - Useful for Any Industry

Where previously a company or organisation would have to shut down their entire building after a COVID outbreak, it will now be possible to test a bioreactor immediately after a meeting to ensure that the virus is within the environment. U-Alert does not only need to be used in a corporate setting but can also be useful in classrooms, sports facilities, industrial complexes and any other setting that houses a bioreactor. With U-Alert, clients are able to capture an outbreak quickly and significantly minimise its reach to others within their surroundings.

U-Earth research strongly suggests that air quality will not fix itself alone and there is a need to adopt technologies to make the air breathable and safe, as has already happened with drinkable tap water, in order to manage current and future potential threats that are otherwise inevitable.

If you are interested in becoming a Pure Air Zone and gaining access to the U-Alert protocol, please click here.


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