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U-Mask partners with Williams Esports

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

U-Mask is delighted to have partnered with Williams Esports where the team’s racers will wear a special edition branded U-Mask throughout future events.

Williams Esports Racer wears U-Mask

Williams Esports U-Mask

Williams Racing is no stranger to U-Mask with the Williams F1 team having worn a number of different styles of mask throughout the last couple of Formula 1 seasons. Williams Esports is an extension of the world famous racing team, bringing the excitement of racing to as many people as possible using the latest virtual technology and driving simulators.

The exclusive U-Mask features the Williams Esports logo on a gorgeous black design. As with all U-Mask products, it is effortlessly stylish while ensuring the utmost aerosol protection for the wearer.

Esports - a rising phenomenon

Esports might not be something that you are familiar with but it is a fast growing phenomenon with 500 million people tuning in to at least one stream each year and around 300 million participants. Where video games used to be a niche area, the rise of the Internet and streaming has seen the popularity of esports explode with racing games being a perfect format for this arena - Williams Racing’s George Russell won the virtual F1 tournament that was run during the pandemic last year!

Incredibly mainstream awareness of esports has grown from around 800,000 people in 2015 to 2 billion in 2020! Alongside this investment in the industry has increased from $500million in 2019 to roughly $4.5 billion just twelve months later. As such, brands are sitting up, taking notice and getting involved.

Why U-Mask supports Esports

U-Mask has proven to be hugely popular across motor racing, football and basketball to name just three and we are delighted to add Esports to the list. It certainly makes sense as we truly believe that Esports provide a great leveller - anybody with an internet connection and a copy of a game can get involved - and it all comes down to skill. Esports not only break down gender and ethnic barriers, but anybody can compete from all over the world and those with disabilities can become e-athletes, enjoying huge success against non-disabled competitors.

Alongside this, thanks to the prevalence of technology across the globe, cost of entry is low and there are too many opportunities to mention! As a carbon conscious company, it is great that people don’t have to travel to compete either, while the sustainability aspect is far better for the planet in a virtual environment than in the real world (though there is definitely still work to do long term!) In short, esports are a growing, exciting industry and it’s great to be a part of it.

Williams Esports Team