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Reebok Sports Club, Madrid is a Pure Air Zone - Pure Air Stories

Updated: Jul 3

Reebok Sports Club in Madrid is a Pure Air Zone with gym members enjoying the ultimate membership benefit courtesy of U-Earth AIRcel 70 air purifying bioreactors - great air quality in gyms.

Antonio Sainz, CEO of Reebok Sports Club in Madrid, wears U-Mask and kneels next to a U-Earth AIRcel 70 air purifying bioreactor.

The importance of the gym to mental and physical health

CEO of the two Reebok Sports Clubs in Madrid, Antonio Sainz, talks of the importance of a gym from both a physical and mental health point of view. “A gym is a way to reach your goals,” he notes, as he sits down with the team to talk about the addition of pure air to his gyms.

U-Earth biotechnology has become extremely popular in the sports industry with numerous teams in motorsport benefiting from the Pure Air Zone project via our AIRcel 70 commercial air purifiers, U-Monitor and U-Masks, the latter of which has been worn by the finest drivers in the world during race days within Formula 1 and MotoGP.

Air quality in gyms needs to be maintained

As one might expect, air quality in gyms can be extremely poor, especially when there are many people working out at one time. Indoor spaces have worse air quality, on average, than outdoor spaces - often being 2-5x worse - but with many people in one space, the air quality at a local gym can be even worse. This is exacerbated by the large number of VOCs in gyms, from carpets, machines and the closeness of individuals, so great air quality is vital to improved performance.

“People work out with very high intensity, so if the air quality isn’t treated well, then the quality of the workout decreases rapidly,” notes Antonio.

Reebok Sports Club, Madrid is a Pure Air Zone. A member trains with an AIRcel 70 close by.

Reebok Sports Club becomes a Pure Air Zone

A solution to this problem arrives in the form of Pure Air Zone, which helps to ensure that not only can athletes perform in a healthy environment, especially in a post-pandemic world, but can also improve their performance, as one might expect from enjoying pure air when training.

With Reebok Sports Club offering a high-end service, with luxury climbing walls installed alongside the usual treadmills and exercise equipment, it made sense for the gym to offer a Pure Air Zone as well.

Pure air should be a priority

“I believe that bringing mountain air into an urban space should be a priority for any business owner that delivers premium services, especially in the gym sector,” says Antonio, alluding to U-Earth’s eco-friendly air purification solution.

Not only does the gym benefit from U-Earth’s air purification technology, but staff also wear their very own customised U-Masks to further enhance the air quality which they are breathing within the gym.

Find out more about Reebok Sports Club becoming a Pure Air Zone by watching the video below.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Pure Air Zone and improving air quality in your local gym, please contact our air quality specialists.

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