Pure Air Zone: Make a Difference to the Environment in 10 Easy Steps

Updated: Jan 14

U-Earth’s Pure Air Zone project aims to create a world free from air pollution while keeping your business running and sustainable. Want to join the community or learn more about this air purification revolution? Here are 10 facts to learn so that you can make a difference.

1. Enter a Pure Air revolution. That’s the concept behind Pure Air Zones.

A Pure Air Zone is any space featuring the U-Earth air purifying solution, a certified area to ensure that the air quality within the environment is as good as possible and which contributes to cleaning the world’s air. The solution includes: U-Earth air purifying bioreactors, U-Alert, U-Monitor, U-Ox and, when ‘u exit’ a premises, wearing a U-Mask.

2. It's like having a forest in your office.

Each standard bioreactor has the power of 276 oak trees but there are others in the U-Earth range for industrial areas or more polluted environments. The biggest corresponds to 6000 oak trees. These benefit your staff, your customers and your business - all of your stakeholders protected under one roof.

3. Regain control of your organisation with Pure Air Zones.

Ensure that you are in complete control of the air quality at your company with the U-Alert protocol, U-Monitor and U-Mask ensuring peace of mind to all, both inside the company and outside, when on the move. Control also means taking the lead on the problem of air quality and changing your position from helpless victim to active hero.

4. A Pure Air Zone is a tool to ensure your business continuity

Not only will a Pure Air Zone allow for a cleaner environment but companies can regularly test for SARS-CoV-2 using the U-Alert protocol, which ensures that clients are able to capture an outbreak quickly and significantly minimise its reach to others within their surroundings.

5. Housing a Pure Air Zone helps you to achieve your ESG targets.

By enhancing your air quality, you can advertise your business as a sustainable company, looking to enhance the world as a whole and not just the balance sheet. In addition, you will be able to feature your credentials as part of your green marketing. All Pure Air Zones receive marketing support, from a window sticker to a location on a map, to help advertise your efforts to passers-by.

6. Easy for customers to find. Just use the Pure Air Zone app.

Pure Air Zones will be featured on an exclusive app - coming in Q2 2021. Just as with WiFi, find the companies that offer pure air in your area and which align with your environmental values.

7. Pure Air Zones are twice as good for the environment.

Your actions benefit others. It isn’t just your workplace that benefits. Each air purifier is capable of digesting up to 3.5kg of pollutants a day. If the office has been purified, this air will eventually make its way outdoors, enhancing the environment for all.

8. An efficient and sustainable solution for your company - it's the Pure Air Zone way.

A Pure Air Zone uses the same amount of energy as the average light bulb and requires no structural work to be installed. Completely plug-and-play, move the bioreactor to wherever it is most needed. Easy to maintain, it is energy efficient and sustainable as well.

9. You are special. So are Pure Air Zones.

Every organisation is different. No matter if you run a small dental studio or a large chemical industrial factory, air quality is an asset that has to be preserved. That's why we design every Pure Air Zone differently. A fully customised, bespoke approach every time to ensure that you not only receive the finest air quality but the perfect service as well.

10. Pure Air Zones harness the power of nature and enhance the environment for all.

Each bioreactor works with U-Ox, a powerful blend of non-GMO and non-pathogenic enzymes and bacteria. U-Ox destroys the particles that have been attracted within the bioreactor, with the result being the emission of pure air into the environment and only harmless waste left behind.

There are many more reasons why your business should become a Pure Air Zone. Join a global community that truly cares about providing pure air to their staff including Williams, Suzuki and more. And if you’re looking to find out even more about the project, please feel free to learn more by clicking here.


To create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.


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