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ORA Restaurant in Helsinki is a Pure Air Restaurant - Pure Air Stories

Ora is a Michelin star restaurant in Helsinki, Finland that has decided to become a Pure Air Restaurant, adding an important ingredient to its already superb menu: clean air.

Ora Restaurant, a fine-dining experience, now featured as a Pure Air Zone

As a little, lovely Restaurant in Helsinki, Ora reflects the main quality of its Chef, Sasu Laukkonen: a big heart. Dining at Ora is a unique experience, with an atmosphere hard to find somewhere else. All tables are served at 7pm on the dot and enjoy a menu defined as “ethical, pure and local”. With emphasis on the connection with local food and the environment, air quality becomes a fundamental piece of the experience. Breathing clean air while tasting local products, really gives clients an all round experience of wellbeing and relaxation.

Breathing clean air as a new standard of premium offering

Although the restaurant is located in a country which is much less polluted than many others, Sasu Laukkonen still believes being a Pure Air Zone still serves as a great benefit for the restaurant. Being in a residential area with cars passing by and parking just outside, people can check the air quality with our U-Monitor and thanks to the Pure Air Zone technology they can always keep the air clean for the safety of their guests and staff. Watch the story!

Seasonal, natural and local ingredients

Ora Restaurants has really taken over the concept of grass root ingredients, with most of its dishes being composed with hyper local ingredients like herbs, mushrooms and berries offered by nature or with other ingredients directly grown in its own garden.

The idea behind all these choices is that health is fundamental. The selection of premium ingredients, how you treat and how you cook them does make a significant health difference, and in the words of Sasu Laukkonen: “It all matters and connects”.

Health is a mission that we are part of, together

Ora strives to bring the best out of every ingredient, creating a masterful flavour is a responsibility that Ora enjoys. As the chef says, food is just part of the experience all the clients enjoy together, a safe and pleasant environment is a necessity in a modern Michelin star location. Here, once again, comes the importance of having clean air inside and outside of the restaurant area to guarantee a safe and peaceful ambience for everyone, so that customers can then focus 100% on their fantastic dinner and staff can maximise their performance.