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How the Pure Air Zone App Helps Businesses

The Pure Air Zone App puts game-changing businesses in front of people who want to make a difference. Together, they can create a real impact, while connecting under one shared goal: to make clean air a human right.

When it comes to proving yourself as a sustainable business, it can be easy to become recognised among other businesses but a bit harder to gain recognition with customers.

Luckily, we’ve come up with a solution that directly connects businesses and people who want to create a world with cleaner air – the Pure Air Zone App.

The Pure Air Zone App is a community app that allows users to learn, connect and act on air quality. It puts the power to change the world in people’s hands by allowing them to suggest new Pure Air Zones around the world, check into Pure Air Zones and learn about sustainability.

But, how can the Pure Air Zone App help you as a business?

Secure Your Space in a World-Changing Project

Every business featured on the Pure Air Zone App is a Pure Air Zone – a place that offers pure air to its visitors through U-Earth’s suite of air purification services.

Each Pure Air Zone is featured on the app’s map where users can view their profile, which includes information about the business, but also shows the impact they’re having on cleaning the air through the Pure Air Zone Index and a measure of how much air they have purified.

This gives users of the app a real, tangible way to see the impact that businesses are having on air quality.

The more Pure Air Zones that exist, the bigger the impact on air pollution.

Gain Recognition from a Global Audience

The Pure Air Zone App is open to a global audience, meaning there is no limit to the amount of people who could discover your business on the map.

But this isn’t just any audience, this is an audience that is interested in saving the planet. With an ever-rising demand from consumers for sustainable companies, being featured on the app is an amazing opportunity to attract and be found by consumers that care and who will most likely choose your business over competitors for its sustainable credentials.

Beyond the company page, businesses can also be featured in the News section of the app, which features a range of positive sustainability stories and tips. Brands featured in these editorial-style pieces will gain specific visibility where users can learn more about their projects and impact.

Meet ESG Goals and Showcase Results

Part of being a sustainable business is proving it to your stakeholders. Through the app, anyone can see the direct impact a business is having on air quality and therefore acts as a reporting measure and transparency tool.

Connect to Customers in a Unique Way

Visitors that come to Pure Air Zones can check in to gain points on the app. This feature has been found to connect businesses with their customers and clients in a new way.

Connecting with people on a more human level – rather than through products or services – allows the bond between business and consumer to go deeper, strengthening trust and increasing retention.

Join Other Pure Air Leaders

Do you want to rub shoulders with the likes of Prema, Microsoft and SailGP? These companies are all Pure Air Zones that are striving to make a difference to the wellbeing of their employees and visitors as well as the health of the planet.

Anyone who becomes a Pure Air Zone can join them and contribute to the wider impact that Pure Air Zones make together.

If you have a business and want to feature on the Pure Air Zone App, have a look at what becoming a Pure Air Zone involves and how it can help your business. Or, download the Pure Air Zone App to see the features for yourself.



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