How a Pure Air Zone Certification helps organisations achieve their ESG Goals

Updated: Feb 1

What is ESG and why does it matter for your business?

Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) is a way to measure the sustainability and societal impact of a company. It is used by investors to decide on the future financial prospect of a business when set against the backdrop of their balance sheet. That may sound boring but it’s actually exciting and a sign of progress! Historically, it was primarily the revenue and profits that was of most interest to investors. In recent years though, companies have to look beyond their finances to assess their green credentials and promote positive change, especially as society becomes more aware of their impact on the world with journalists even ranking the ESG credentials of companies within the FTSE 100.

Companies have a duty to take ownership of their responsibility to the environment. From working with plastics that will never break down - all those toys add up! - to emissions from factories that contribute to air pollution, climate change is in large part a man-made problem. Businesses can seek to ensure that although they may unintentionally cause harm to the environment, they can mitigate these problems through offsetting their carbon footprint or via other endeavours including recycling.

When it comes to ESG, the solution comes in the form of looking to the future, assessing the areas where your business will grow and taking steps to make sure that each decision is as ethical or ecologically friendly as possible. There is currently no exact criteria on how to improve ESG - it’s more about doing your best and how that effort resonates with both customers and investors alike.

Nobody wants to be the villain in a story, especially a story as big as this, so let’s see how a Pure Air Zone can help your company achieve its goals.

How a Pure Air Zone can be helpful for your ESG Strategy

U-Earth’s air purifying bioreactors is one way that your company can mitigate its pollution. Not simply an air purifier, they are part of the Pure Air Zone project, and it is possible to destroy up to 3.5kg of contaminants a day per bioreactor, which is equal to the power of 276 oak trees all working in tandem in one location. That’s equivalent to a forest in your office! As the U-Earth solution is plug-and-play with no structural work necessary, and only uses the power of the average electric lightbulb, it is possible to move the Pure Air Zone to where you need it most. So a Pure Air Zone, in the first instance, allows you to take action - and there’s nothing better than being in control.

"I'm really proud to have this [air purifier] with me every day."

- Alessandro Simonetti, Microsoft

Why it’s so powerful as an ESG tool

The beauty of setting up a Pure Air Zone is that it comes with a U-Monitor, which allows you to keep track of the quality of the air within your environment, allowing the data to prove your certified Pure Air Zone credentials. If there is ever a problem, the dashboard will be able to bring it to attention sooner rather than later - your air quality is measured every five minutes - and the U-Earth team can help immediately. It isn’t simply another air purification offering - we offer a bespoke solution and continuous expertise to make sure your environment is as healthy and pure as it can possibly be.

Not only that, the data from the dashboard can also be shown to potential business prospects to advertise your credentials and prove your company’s certification, potentially helping you to achieve accreditation with other schemes such as LEED, WELL and RESET. These schemes are voluntary and a measure of how well your company is achieving its pure air targets. Housing a Pure Air Zone within your company walls is a mark of quality and although great on its own, is sure to aid in achieving these other certifications as well. And remember that having one doesn’t exclude the others - they all add up to showcase that your business is at the forefront of the green revolution. Show off and influence others as a pure air leader!

A proven solution

U-Earth technology has benefited from over twelve years of testing in the field with numerous validations, certifications and studies conducted. From treating air pollution in waste facilities to reducing contaminants in a hospital ward, the results speak for themselves. A recent scientific paper also proved that the bioreactors could capture and destroy SARS-CoV-2 particles and with the U-Alert protocol, it’s possible for you to take action against SARS-CoV-2 as well. So feel free to relax in the knowledge that you don’t need to do any extensive testing - we’ve already done it for you and will continue to do so to ensure that your Pure Air Zone is the ultimate standard in enhanced air quality.

Many different sectors can benefit from the technology. From education to industrial, and corporate to hospitality, numerous companies are realising how their environment can be improved to enhance the health of those they see every day. Because every situation is different, U-Earth offers a bespoke solution to suit the needs of your location while enabling your company to enhance its ESG score and qualify for Sustainable Building Certifications.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Pure Air Zone and improving your ESG credentials, please click here.


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