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Dr. Giulia Sarli, Pediatrician - Pure Air Stories

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Healthcare starts with great indoor air quality, which is why Dr. Giulia Sarli joined the Pure Air Zone project in 2013, taking a step forward and providing excellent air quality for her team and patients.

Cross-contamination and air pollution in a medical environment

Any healthcare building is a place where air contaminants including bacteria and viruses can become highly concentrated and affect the health of an environment. In 2013, Dr. Giulia Sarli, a pediatrician in Cremona, Italy, noticed that her assistant was frequently getting sick and couldn’t understand how to limit cross-contamination caused by the continuous visits of patients suffering from different illnesses and diseases.

Moreover, no matter what the location, air quality indoors can be up to 5 times worse than outdoors at any given time. The air pollution that enters from outside is unable to escape again with indoor spaces becoming even more polluted than outdoors, which is where the main sources of air pollution originated. High concentration of particulates and gases can also be linked to circulatory and respiratory issues.

Tangible and intangible effects of air quality in a medical environment

Dr. Sarli decided to make an investment to turn her surgery into a healthier environment, for her assistant, her team and for her patients. She immediately noticed that her assistant got sick much less and decided to never do without the Pure Air Zone air purification system.

She also noticed that her patients were also much more secure when visiting the surgery, especially the parents of children with serious illnesses. For her, the improved air quality was key to enhancing her self-confidence because she felt more at ease while practicing her profession as her young patients were kept as safe as possible.

“We are what we breathe” - Dr. Giulia Sarli

Improved air quality leads to fewer hospital admissions

Studies show that during events in cities where traffic was tightly controlled, pollution levels drastically diminished and hospitals registered fewer admissions with impressive recoveries for the most diverse of illnesses.

Dr. Sarli provides us with strong words on air quality noting that “...We are what we eat, what we breathe and what we think'' leaving us with an important message on how prevention is often as important as a cure.

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