Did you know that Microsoft House is a Pure Air Zone?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

See how health and sustainability are key values at Microsoft House in Milan.

Perhaps the most well-known company to become a Pure Air Zone is Microsoft, with U-Earth bioreactors found in their stunning offices in Milan.

Microsoft House in Milan was voted by Forbes.it as being the fifth most spectacular office in the world. It isn’t hard to see why with its angular windows, beautiful architecture and iconic design.

When ranking spectacular offices, we like to think that having pure air also helped Microsoft House rank highly with clean, breathable air able to be enjoyed throughout the building.

Microsoft as a company care about sustainability and wanted to find likeminded businesses to help them in their project to enhance the environment. They wanted to look at data and analyse the results to see exactly how to get ahead and enhance office life for their employees.

Enter: U-Earth. Our range of bioreactors use bacteria and enzymes to not only attract contaminants in the air but to digest and destroy them as well. Plug-and-play devices, there is no structural work needed when first using our air purifiers; simply fill them with water, add the U-Ox and turn them on.

The results speak for themselves with even our smallest reactor able to destroy 3.5kg of contaminants a day - that’s equivalent to the work of 276 oak trees!

Microsoft not only installed our bioreactors at their offices but also added a screen that shows how much pollution is being destroyed. Updated every five minutes, colleagues and clients alike are able to clearly see that Microsoft House in Milan is definitely a Pure Air Zone.

In the not-too distant future, we will be launching an app that showcases all of the Pure Air Zones around the world and are excited that Microsoft House in Milan will feature.

When we asked Mattia De Rosa and Alessandro Simonetti of Microsoft for their feedback, both gave the bioreactors a rating of 10/10. In fact, Alessandro was so impressed that he gave U-Earth technology an 11/10 instead!

Please feel free to watch the video on Microsoft House below and if you are interested in your business becoming a Pure Air Zone then do get in touch and join the likes of Williams Racing and Suzuki in ensuring that the air you breathe every day is always the very best that it could possibly be.


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