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Countdown to COP27 will be a Pure Air Zone

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The London Economist Impact’s 2nd Annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27 will be a Pure Air Zone, providing a safer environment for attendees while raising awareness of the air pollution crisis.

With COP27 fast approaching, momentum has once again gathered in the race to propel sustainability projects at break-neck speed in the hopes of saving the planet, and humanity.

While topics such as agriculture and energy often dominate sustainability panels, we’re pleased that pollution is being given the airtime it needs as we will be attending the Economist Impact 2nd Annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27 as a Clean Air Partner, a speaker and an exhibitor.

What is the Economist Impact’s 2nd Annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27?

In an evolving world, humanity needs to adapt to thrive. After the COP26 conference on combating climate change, we now have eight short years to meet some of the most ambitious collaborative goals in history, with many countries and organisations aiming to halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

But just how solid were the promises made at COP26 in Glasgow? How can companies ensure they deliver on them and prepare for more commitments at COP27? When an ever-widening pool of standards and regulations is being developed, which ones should you follow? And how should you start getting ready to adapt your business in case climate targets are not met?

This countdown event will take place from October 3rd – 6th 2022 both in London and virtually, gathering hundreds of experts and thousands of guests to provide practical ideas that will help sustainability move faster and propel the preparations for COP27.

Countdown to COP27 as a Pure Air Zone

As the Clean Air Partner of this event, the London space will become a Pure Air Zone by installing our air purifying technology to decontaminate the air naturally.

Attendees will not only enjoy the event breathing air that is better for their wellbeing but it’s hoped that the immersive experience of being in a Pure Air Zone will provide greater awareness of the seriousness surrounding air pollution and its impact to some of the world’s top leaders in sustainability.

How does a Pure Air Zone work? Why is it a new air quality standard? And how does it differ as a biotech solution? To find out, come and visit our booth at the event. Our team will be there to welcome you.