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Football Innovation Forum: sustainability can’t wait.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Our CEO Betta Maggio was invited to moderate a panel on sustainability, and had the opportunity of discussing with Michele Uva (UEFA Director, Football and Social Responsibility). Here are the main insights that we gathered.

Football has the power to inspire change.

UEFA has decided to take the field in the match for sustainability. Football is a real value in our society and UEFA firmly believes it has the power to drive changes when it comes to sustainability. Only standing as an example, UEFA can inspire others to do the same in a virtuous circle, to really change the future of our planet. Because, as we all know, there is no Planet B.

Ten years, many challenges: Football Sustainability Strategy 2030

The first step to face every challenge is always trying to understand.

That’s why, as Michele Uva told, in the beginning of this journey to sustainability, UEFA sat down and analised:

  • What sustainability really means;

  • How to link sustainability and football.

They soon understood that “football and sustainability are perfect together”, it was just about changing perspective.

Usually football reacts, so acts when something happens. In this case they realized the key was anticipating. Only with an anticipating mindset, they could create the perfect strategy.

They also recognized that sustainability must pass through two macro areas that will guide this long journey: the environment and human rights.

Every road may be divided into milestones: the 11 policies

With both these principles in mind, UEFA built a strategy around the following 11 policies:

  • Anti-racism

  • Equality & inclusion

  • Child & youth protection

  • Refugee support

  • Health & well-being

  • Football for all abilities

  • Circular economy

  • Climate & advocacy

  • Solidarity rights

  • Event sustainability

  • Infrastructure sustainability

UEFA built a precise and detailed plan, where each policy has a clear 2030 goal that is measured by targets and key performance indicators (KPIs).