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Change the World in One Click: the Pure Air Zone App

Do you ever look at the climate change challenge and feel kind of helpless? Or asked yourself how you can make a positive impact and leave your mark on the world?

For years, we’ve watched and read as the world gets scarier, while fighting for change to make clean air a human right, so we truly understand your struggle. This is why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to give you a tool to change the world – for people and companies alike.

We are all a community – and if we act collectively, our actions will create the impact that's desperately needed for the planet.

Ready,! Here's the Pure Air Zone App – a community app that lets you easily take the lead on a more sustainable future and act for better air quality.

Starting today, you can take important steps for the world you want to be part of with a community that understands how you feel.

Become a Pure Air Hero

At its core, the app puts air quality in the hands of people, to vote for a better world and learn some amazing things along the way.

So what can you do with it? The app allows people to check the air quality in their area, find better air around them by looking for Pure Air Zones on the map and suggest places they think should offer cleaner air to its visitors, such as their local cafe, stadium or favourite restaurants.

As well as this, the app allows you to:

  • Learn through snippets about sustainability and wellness.

  • Connect with other activists and in a community of Pure Air Heroes.

  • Create impact through daily actions, following easy tips.

  • Earn points, climb the global rankings and be eligible for upcoming rewards.

  • Inspire others to act for climate change, inviting your network to join the air pollution revolution.

It only takes 3.5% of the population to ensure serious change. Taking action can be easier than you think. By downloading this app, everyone can see how they can make a difference today.

How Can the Pure Air Zone App Help Businesses?

A staggering 6 in 10 people want businesses to act on climate change now. Most businesses are well aware of this, but don’t know where to start when it comes to becoming more sustainable or setting realistic and achievable ESG goals.

No one (especially the planet!) has time to write or read a 100-page CSR report.

The Pure Air Zone App showcases the businesses that are acting for the planet, displaying their impact on one screen via a dedicated page.

Through featuring on the map as a Pure Air Zone, businesses open up the possibility of reaching a global audience that may not know they exist and be found by people who genuinely care about the planet.

Businesses can also engage with their current audience to download the app so their visitors, customers and employees can join in on the action and create greater awareness of the air pollution crisis.

As you might have seen, pure air is a competitive advantage. The app leverages this by allowing businesses to offer clean air as a service, drawing in people who want a break from pollution, while gaining worldwide recognition for their efforts in the air quality space and position themselves as a sustainable brand.

How to Feature on the Pure Air Zone App

To appear on the map, businesses will need to become a Pure Air Zone. This not only has great business benefits and keeps your visitors safe, but contributes to U-Earth’s mission: making clean air a human right.

The more Pure Air Zones there are, the greater the impact. And you can be part of this positive transformation by contributing to the decontamination of the planet.



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