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Bold Golf is a Pure Air Zone - Pure Air Stories

Bold Golf is proud to be a Pure Air Zone, joining numerous other teams across the sporting world in improving air quality in sport. We spoke to founder Sebastiano Langè to find out why he wanted to enhance air quality in his business.

What is Bold Golf?

Bold Golf is a shop and interactive golf experience located in the heart of Milan, Italy. Hugely popular with golfers across the country, it is not merely a place to buy golf clubs and golf balls, but a ‘performance centre’ where players can take shots upon a computer-generated golf course as well as practice putting on an artificial green.

“We offer something that they [the golfers] cannot find at any other place. We can reproduce any details that they can find outdoors,” says Sebastiano. Making the shop safe for customers to enjoy was of paramount importance amidst the pandemic.

Improving air quality as a marketing strategy

Bold Golf is known for offering the finest technology to their customers and becoming a Pure Air Zone is part of that strategy.

“Thanks to U-Earth, we can offer a very safe area - a Pure Air Zone area,” continues Sebastiano. “People feel safer to practice sport here.”

“We can say it’s part of the technology that we offer and is something that gives us [an edge] over some other places.”

Measuring improved air quality at Bold Golf

Bold Golf ensures that each and every customer understands what they are stepping into when they walk through the door. As part of the Pure Air Zone experience, Bold Golf also has an air quality monitor, which they use to explain their improved air quality, perhaps outlining how breathing pure air can improve a person’s game.

Studies have shown that breathing pure air can have a hugely positive effect on players; pass accuracy in football has been affected by poor air quality while players and umpires in chess and baseball have also shown improvements when playing in improved conditions.

Bold Golf is part of a Pure Air community

One of the key differentiating factors of Pure Air Zone is the fact that we are actively building a community. Like-minded companies can come together to show off their ESG credentials and advertise their pure air offering. With the soon-to-be-launched Pure Air 3D world, more companies than ever before will enjoy the opportunity to showcase their efforts.

“Breathing is absolutely fundamental [to golf]... Take your time, calm down, try to not be too emotional, breathe and shoot,” explains Sebastiano. “I hope that in future more companies join this community. If we are many, we can change the world. Keep fighting!”

You can watch Sebastiano’s video story below.

Install a Pure Air Zone and improve air quality at your company

U-Earth is on a mission to enhance air quality around the world so if you are interested in installing your very own Pure Air Zone and joining the likes of Bold Golf and Reebok Sports Club, book a meeting with a Pure Air Zone air quality specialist today.

Bold Golf also benefits from wearing a customised U-Mask, a biotech face mask that has proven to be extremely popular throughout the sporting world, and is an additional part of the Pure Air Zone product suite. Keeping you safe no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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