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Would you like to become a B Corp? Invest in clean air

In recent years, more and more companies have chosen to become B Corporations, obtaining the homonymous certification. But, not everyone knows that one of the aspects that can positively influence this process is also the quality of the air.

What does it mean to be a B Corp? How can you become one? Keep reading to find out more!

B Corp e Aria Pulita

What is a B Corp

B Corps are certified companies that can boast a recognition that is increasingly widespread both in Italy (more than 200 companies) and in the world (more than 6,000). B Corps form a real movement that seeks to revolutionise the global economic system, giving great importance to the well-being of its employees, society, and the environment.

B Corps satisfy high standards of social, environmental, governance, and transparency performance. In other words, these companies seek to reconcile profit with sustainability, ethics, and inclusivity.

For this reason, this recognition provides numerous advantages, but to obtain it, it is necessary to undergo a careful process of measuring business performance in different fields, such as the environmental and social ones.

How to become a B Corp

If you too want to be part of this community of leaders who are driving the change towards a more evolved business system, you must know that it is first necessary to undergo an evaluation questionnaire, called the BIA Business Impact Assessment, obtaining a score of at least 80/200. This questionnaire is made up of five different macro-areas (Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers) and seeks to assess the overall impact of your company.

Some good reasons to do it

It is difficult not to be attracted by this certification given the numerous advantages! Your company's brand reputation will undoubtedly be strengthened, and with it, its credibility and trust, attracting new customers and consolidating relationships with existing ones. In addition, your company will enjoy greater visibility, and therefore potential new investors.

But becoming a B Corp does not only entail advantages in terms of visibility and reputation, but it also means being part of a community of leaders who share values and an extremely evolved business vision, and this can only put your company in a good light!

Air quality and B Corp

You will be surprised to know that among the numerous factors that can contribute to increasing the B Corp certification score is also the quality of the air. For some sectors, such as the industrial sector, various questions are foreseen on the environmental quality of indoor spaces and the health of workers.

As we unfortunately know, in the workplace, the right attention is often not given to air quality, a fundamental factor to safeguard the health and safety of workers.

But through careful monitoring of the environmental quality in indoor spaces, an assessment of exposure to hazardous materials, and the related mitigation and control strategies, not only will you ensure a healthy and comfortable workspace for your employees, but you will also earn valuable points to become a B Corp. In addition, you will demonstrate that you want to make a difference, improving the well-being and experience of your employees, allowing them to breathe clean air and reducing the environmental and social impact of your company.

Join the change with Pure Air Zone

If you have been impressed by what you have just read and are wondering how to put it into practice, we have the solution for you! Whatever your business is, U-Earth offers Pure Air Zone, which will allow you to offer your employees and customers a pollution-free environment, providing well-being and clean air for everyone, as well as increasing the score of the B Corp certification. Sustainability has never been so easy!

You too can make a difference, for your employees, for the community, and for the planet.



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