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Why you should sign up to the U-Earth Newsletter

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

U-Earth’s mission is to offer pure, breathable air to everyone around the world, making great air quality as common as drinkable tap water. We are building a dedicated community to help spread the word about pure air, what it can do for you and how companies and countries around the world are taking a stand. If that’s something you’re interested in, you should sign up to the U-Earth newsletter, breathe.

It can be difficult to find the answers that you are looking for in the modern world. Yes, there is an abundance of information online but as the Internet grows, so too has the misinformation and it can be difficult to extract the facts from the ‘fake news’. The U-Earth newsletter aims to change all that with interesting facts, figures and studies to help you learn more about the air we breathe.

Learn more, learn quickly

Awareness of air quality and air pollution is the number one thing that we need to change. Too many people associate poor air quality with images of smoke, factories and car emissions. These do all cause air pollution but the most problematic particle pollution are actually the parts we can’t see with the naked eye. Considering these make up the majority of particles in the air, and the smaller they get, the more harmful they are, air quality is a huge deal and needs to be taken more seriously.

It isn’t just the headline statistics either, which include 1 in 8 deaths being linked to air pollution. In order to build awareness, we need to go further. Did you know that this year, scientists found a link between vision loss and air pollution? Or that human penises are shrinking because of pollution?

Free, exclusive content

The U-Earth newsletter will include these studies as and when they happen. No more googling for information - you will regularly receive updates straight to your inbox. And that’s not all - your welcome pack will include a guide on the most common types of air pollution, as well as a small booklet on positive anti-pollution stories. We don’t want the U-Earth newsletter to be depressing; yes, a lot of air quality topics are upsetting but there is also a lot of good going on in the world as well. Air pollution in the UK shows long-term improvement while France recently banned short domestic flights where a train was already available. These are not isolated cases and the more we stand up for fantastic quality, the more we can achieve together!

Join a dedicated community

By signing up to the U-Earth newsletter, you will become part of a community that goes further in helping the planet. We will highlight the new biotechnology that we are working on as well as offering free tips and advice for improving the air quality in your home. Did you know that internal air quality can be up to 1,000x worse inside than outside when stripping paint off the walls? We’ll offer solutions that ensure you can stay as safe as possible, while also hoping to offer access to exclusive events when allowed!

You’ll also be the first to know when our exciting 3D Pure Air website launches, as well as the Pure Air Zone app, which will allow you to locate pure air no matter where you are in the world. Simply check the map and head to the office or restaurant to enjoy breathing in pure air. Available in just a few months time, we cannot wait to share it with you.

So what are you waiting for? Take a stand against climate change. Sign up to the U-Earth newsletter today, enjoy the free downloads and begin living a healthier life.



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