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Wanna win the Talent War? Consider Clean Air to Attract the Best Employees

Updated: Jul 3

Talent war: how to win
Combining clean air with good salaries and benefits to win the talent war

You are a hiring manager. You are competing for the ideal profile with your competitor. Tough, huh? Choosing a new job is based on so many parameters. One thing is certain: foosball and ping pong are no longer enough. What if clean air made a difference?

Talent attraction is just one of the problem, in the talent war

A series of surveys, from Ramstad’s Global Report to Morgan McKinley research and Gallup’s investigation, unanimously underscore the importance of crafting an irresistible offering to attract skilled talent to your business. But also highlight that that offer should be irresistible for retention.

43% of businesses outline 'Can’t compete on pay and benefits' as the main reason they have lost out on hiring new talent in the last six months​ (PeopleScout)​. This is a considerable loss: entry-level employees typically cost 50% of their salary to replace. So, you have to restart the entire process, ending up with an uncovered position and a new hiring process to conduct. Even in challenging global markets, employees are quick to jump ship if they see better opportunities elsewhere.

So...companies need to address not only talent attraction but also retention, leveraging a series of parameters.

Is a Good Salary Important in a Job Choice?

Surprise, surprise. The answer is yes. Throughout Gallup's historical workplace research, pay has been one of the most important factors when accepting a new job offer. Unsurprisingly, it continues to top the list amid the "Great Reshuffling" of talent in the workforce. Since 2015, this item has risen in priority for workers from No. 4 on the list with 41% of employees citing it as "very important," to No. 1 with 64% naming it a critical factor in taking a new job​ (Novorésumé)​. Additionally, 40% of professionals globally value a ‘higher salary’ the most when looking at moving roles​​. The importance of this driver grows with age, as those 35 and older find it more important than other drivers compared to those under 35. So, offering a good pay is necessary, but not enough. In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent goes beyond offering a good salary.

Talent war and clean air
Clean air in the Men at Code office, where talented developers and designers are blooming

What Talents Are Also Looking for When They Change Jobs

Combining those pieces of research, these are the items that talent look at when moving role.

Flexible Work Arrangements for Work-Life Balance

Modern employees highly value flexibility in their work schedules. According to a recent survey, 62% of companies find it challenging to attract talent without offering flexible work options​ (PeopleScout)​. This includes remote work, flexible hours, and a results-oriented approach rather than strict office hours. Companies that offer flexibility show they trust their employees, significantly boosting job satisfaction and attracting top-tier talent.

Positive Atmosphere - including job security

A positive and inclusive work culture is crucial for attracting and retaining talent. This encompasses mutual respect, diversity, and opportunities for professional growth. According to research, 46% of job seekers report that company culture is an essential factor when looking for a new job​ (Novorésumé)​. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to stay and recommend the company to others. Job security is part of this area; as with salary, the importance of this driver grows with age and with an educated workforce.

Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

Promoting health and wellbeing within the workplace is more than just a trend; it’s a necessity. Offering benefits such as gym memberships, mental health resources, and clean, pollutant-free air can make a substantial difference. For example, implementing U-Earth’s air purification solutions can significantly improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more appealing work environment. In fact, 56% of employees consider wellness programs a critical factor in job selection​ (Dynamic Business)​.

Opportunities for Growth and Development

Talented professionals seek companies that invest in their future. Offering continuous learning opportunities, career advancement programs, and regular training sessions can make your company stand out. Employees who see a clear path for progression are more motivated and engaged. Studies show that 74% of employees feel that a lack of development opportunities can hinder their career progression, making growth prospects essential for talent attraction​.

Shared values, including Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Today’s workforce is increasingly concerned with the environmental and social impact of their employers. Companies that prioritize sustainability and demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility are more attractive to potential employees. Implementing green initiatives, such as U-Earth’s clean air solutions, can show your commitment to environmental stewardship. A significant 79% of employees consider sustainability an important factor when choosing an employer​. Have you then heard of climate quitting? We’ll cover this in a few days. It looks like climate jobs are “stealing” a bunch of good resources from companies that don’t have a serious commitment to the planet’s health. Again, one innovative way to draw skilled professionals is by ensuring clean air in the workplace, like Pure Air Zone. 

Finally: win the talent war with Competitive Benefits and Recognitions

While not the only factor, competitive compensation packages remain a significant consideration. This includes not just salary but also comprehensive benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and bonuses. A well-rounded compensation package reflects the company’s appreciation and commitment to its employees’ welfare. This extends to formal recognition programs, bonuses, or simple acknowledgments in meetings. Employees who feel recognized and appreciated are more likely to be loyal and motivated.

How Pure Air Zone air can help

So, it’s clear that a ping pong table is no longer enough to retain your next engineer, developer, or sales account. But, provided salary levels are adequate, Pure Air Zone can be of great help.

  1. Clean air ensures a healthy environment that fosters productivity and wellbeing. It’s a benefit that perfectly fits with the need for employees’ health and wellbeing.

  2. Clean air is a perk that not many companies offer yet, and that could differentiate your organization from others.

  3. Pure Air Zone has an impact on the planet, as it contributes, in a measurable way, to air decontamination, showing you care for your people and for the planet alike.

In conclusion, attracting top talent requires a holistic approach that includes but goes far beyond financial incentives. By fostering a healthy work environment and prioritizing sustainability and development, companies can become magnets for the best professionals. Clean air, as part of a comprehensive wellbeing strategy, plays a crucial role in making your workplace more attractive and productive.

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