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Unlocking Your Body's Secrets Looking Into Single Bulb

Imagine delving deep into your metabolic history, unraveling the mysteries of your body through a simple hair bulb analysis – no needles, no pain, just a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs. OK…say welcome to U-Earth’s BulbScan Test.

Introducing U-Earth’s BulbScan Test: A Polymetabolic Window into Your Wellbeing

In the era of personalized wellness, the BulbScan Test emerges as a revolutionary approach that perfectly completes the U-Earth’s hyper health protocol.

The Science Behind U-Earth’s BulbScan Test

The U-Earth BulbScan Test employs cutting-edge technology developed by BMT Labs, utilizing BMT technology on the hair bulb for unparalleled accuracy.

Unlike conventional hair shaft analysis, this test delves into the roots, providing real-time insights into your body's metabolic history and current state.

The analysis involves a sophisticated process, examining samples under a microscope with polarised light to identify elements by their distinctive colour signatures.

Unique Advantages of Hair Bulb Sampling

Not only will the test results guide you toward a personalized healing path, but the test itself has a number of advantages.

  • The simplicity of hair bulb sampling in the comfort of your home sets BulbScan apart.

  • The process captures everything your body consumes or absorbs, offering a permanent record unlike tests on bodily fluids.

  • This polymetabolic test focuses on 63 elements, providing a detailed health snapshot.

Personalized Wellness at Your Fingertips

The BulbScan Test is not just about numbers; it's a comprehensive service tailored for individuals seeking a holistic understanding of their bodies.

After taking the test, personalized reports are generated, detailing abundance or deficiency levels of essential elements. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation.

Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are increasingly recognized as contributors to various health issues, from premature ageing to weakened immune systems. BulbScan sheds light on these imbalances, connecting the dots between environmental factors, nutritional intake, and overall wellbeing. The test reveals how deficiencies can lead to physical and functional issues such as hair loss, water retention, and difficulty in weight loss.

Journey Towards a Healthier You

Old You vs. New You

The BulbScan Test is your tool for transformation, offering a full picture of your health beyond routine check-ups. It's understanding your body's needs and accelerating your anti-aging path. As the test not only identifies potential health issues: it also provides visual representations and explanations, making it a complete service to help you understand your body better; this gives you the chance to turn the page unleash your real potential.

Taking Informed Decisions

As we navigate the complexities of modern living, factors like air pollution, heavy metals, and lifestyle choices can impact our health. BulbScan gives you the power to take informed decisions, guiding you towards a future where you're not just aware of your body but actively shaping its wellbeing.

The final (or first?) step of the hyper health protocol

How does the Bulb Scan fit into U-Earth's echo system? As you know, we work every day to defend the planet and people from air pollution.

In particular, U-Earth store offers a suite of products that, all together, form the building blocks of a hyper health protocol. Starting with biotech masks, moving to supplements, superfoods, and skincare treatments, the new Bulb Scan Test serves as the connecting element, the guide to choosing the products you really need, to be at your best.

In conclusion, the BulbScan Test isn't just a test; it's a transformative journey towards optimal health. It's time to unlock your body's secrets, understand your metabolism, and embark on a path to a healthier, more vibrant you.


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