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U-Mask is Now U-Earth Store: the Home of Hyper Health

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The U-Mask has long been a pillar of the U-Earth story, protecting you from bad aerosols outside. But we wanted to do more to protect you from the inside. As a result, U-Mask is now the U-Earth Store.

The world is evolving – the way we work, travel and interact has shifted – meaning our energy, stress levels and overall health have had to keep up.

And yet, we all have dreams to realise and challenges to face every day, in an increasingly difficult and ever changing socio-economic context that, like athletes, put us under continuous pressure to perform.

We have seen first-hand how the environment can harm you beyond your control. So, we’ve gone one step further to protect your mind and body from the inside.

U-Mask Store has evolved into U-Earth Store – the home of hyper health, sustainable biotech products that are powered by nature and aim to help people reach their maximum physical and mental potential.

Hyper Health Products Designed for Hyper Performers

At its core, the U-Earth Store supports you in becoming the best version of yourself while supporting a vision to build a better world for all of us to live in.

Inspired by the DNA of the most successful people in the world, we discovered that everyone can become a hyper performer – a person who wants to be their best self every single day. Someone with ambition, determination and uncompromising standards.

While genes play an important role in determining health, so does behaviour and the environment. This means your inside health is a priority and you can maximise its potential through hyper health.

What is Hyper Health?

Hyper health is a three dimensional concept. It's about making sure that products:

  • Come directly from premium natural sources

  • Are sustainably farmed

  • Provide the best availability of nutrients to support better performance

The world has survived for millions of years through its rich and plentiful offerings, with humanity having been able to enjoy the benefits of all that nature has to offer over many millennia.

Hyper health puts a strong focus on only using ingredients that offer these incredible benefits to the user, enhanced through the use of biotechnology.

Leveraging Years of R&D Experience

Born from years of biotech research, U-Earth Store's products are studied to protect and boost the health of high-performing individuals. Our team of experts are creating continuously improving products at the forefront of innovation for the most demanding achievers.

To maintain quality and control over our supply chain, we source our ingredients from best-in-class suppliers, avoiding larger farms in Asia in favour of local farms that understand our goal, such as the extraction of phycocyanin from Spirulina in Italy’s Blue Zone – an area renowned for its longevity of life.

Hyper-U – U-Earth Store’s First New Product

Hyper-U is a premium biotech supplement designed to help unlock maximum mental and physical potential as well as limitless sharpness, mindfulness and productivity, while reducing anxiety and relieving fatigue.

It is formulated with exact dosing of the ingredients to work best in the body as well as unmatched bioavailability so you can absorb more nutrients, vitamins, and energy per dose.

The three key ingredients are:

  • RodioX©, which improves mental function

  • Spiralox®, which fights oxidative stress

  • Phycocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant

The ingredients in Hyper-U have been chosen for their ability to work together to enhance your health and offer a state of mind that’s needed for the modern world.

Welcome to the New U

U-Earth Store continues to sell its best-selling U-Mask and matching U-Go pouches, but alongside Hyper-U there are many exciting products and projects that will be available soon.

The mission hasn’t changed, we’re simply giving our customers a broader suite of tools to protect their health from all angles and perform like a champion.

So, let us ask you: are you ready to transform your life?

Visit the new U-Earth Store to find out how.



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